Snack Time : BBQ Mayo Crispy Chicken Sandwich and the all new McSpaghetti

McDonald's will forever be one of my favorite fastfood chains. I just love how they continue to innovate and add new and interesting items on the menu. I'm pretty sure it's fun to be part of their R&D team.

Imagine, in just a span of 3 months, they've introduced a number of new menu items and they've made improvements to an old favorite.

mcdonalds ph 1
First off, the new BBQ Mayo Crispy Chicken Sandwich (Php. 49)

Yes, it is actually possible to dine at McDonald's for only Php. 100 or less. We tried this for merienda today and I actually liked it! You get one whole chicken fillet that's topped with a generous amount of tangy mayonnaise and smokey BBQ sauce. The bun was rather on the thin side similar to the ones they use for the Burger Mcdo but it was all alright. I like how the barbecue sauce complemented the mayonnaise and it definitely went so well with the fried chicken fillet. Have it with fries and soda and you got yourself a complete meal .

mcdonalds ph 2
I got to admit though that if you're really hungry or you just have a big appetite, one sandwich may not be enough. Go for seconds after all it's super affordable that you can go for more. This is really something that I'd go for as I love the McChicken Sandwich previously and this is definitely a smaller, more budget-friendly version..

mcdonalds ph 3
However, if pasta is your thing, then you'd be happy to know that they have recently improve their McSpaghetti. Some actually have mixed feelings about this. I had my doubts too after all, my motto in life is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I grew up loving the McSpaghetti's tangy Italian-blend-like sauce that I would always get this together with a box of Chicken Nuggets and I wonder how else can they improve something that I think was already very good.

mcdonalds ph 4
Here's the new version of the McSpaghetti! Loaded with more cheese and hotdog slices. It totally has moved away from the classic ala Bolognese type of pasta and the formulation is something that will totally appeal to the kids -- cheesy, will with hotdogs and sweet. I like it! How about you? Tell me about it below.

Meanwhile, check out these new items at any McDonald's outlet near you. 

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