Potluck Favorites : Crabs and Noodles from Ley's Kitchen

If there's one thing that I miss about living abroad and having our own place is how we would host dinners and invite friends to come over. One of the best dinners that I've had was probably when my friends came over to celebrate my birthday. Paul prepared his signature BBQ Ribs and Steak while I made Baked Salmon ala Conti's and I even had the time to put together a cheese board.

leys kitchen 5
I guess when the kids are much older, we can go back to hosting dinners or organizing potlucks too. Luckily, here in Manila in case you're too busy to cook or prepare your own dish, you can easily order and have the dishes delivered straight to your doorstep (or to wherever you're having your party to ensure it gets there hot). One that I highly recommend is Ley's Kitchen. I recently got to try some of their specialties and all 4 dishes were so good. Not the mediocre type of good ha, I'm talking about the kind that's out of this world good...the kind that will make you go "oohh lala" and will surely make you crave for more. ♥

If you're a big crab fan like me and my family, you have to try these two types of crab dishes that she makes:

leys kitchen 4
First is the Garlic Crabs (Php. 6,900). One order gives you 5 plump crabs approximately 600g per piece which is probably good for 8-10 pax (depending on their appetite, of course). My family, in general, has a smaller appetite so we just managed to consume two whole crabs shared among the 6 of us and we even had enough leftovers for the next day. This is one of Angel's best-sellers and I can totally understand why. After all, how can you not love this garlicky, finger-licking crab masterpiece. Mommy was so impressed at the quality of the crab as she found it to be so juicy and plump. Take note, it's not easy to impress Mother dear as she can be rather a picky eater. So good job, Angel!

leys kitchen 1
Another crab dish that we had was the Coco Curry Crab (Php. 6,900). Oh, this one was the one that I loveeeee! Each crab piece was covered in this thick and creamy coconut curry sauce that I really had to fight the urge to have this with rice. But since I wanted more of her Garlic Noodles too then I had to resist. It's so good and tasty! Among the two, this one was definitely my favorite and similar to the Garlic Crab, what made this so good was how the juicy crab meat easily soaked up the sauce.

leys kitchen 8
Here's a bit of crab close-up for you to fully appreciate! *droool* 

She actually has a lot more variant such as the Crab Vermicelli, Black Pepper Crab, Crab in Yellow Curry Sauce, Thai-style crab curry and J's Cajun Seafood. All are priced the same and consists of a minimum of 5 pieces of crabs weighing 600g per piece. That's such a great deal as it is very time-consuming to prepare crabs and to have it this good, boy, you'd definitely be slaving in the kitchen for days. Skip the stress and give Angel a call for you to bring your crab dish to your next potluck party with ease.

leys kitchen 6
Like I said, it was really a struggle not to enjoy her crabs with rice but please resist a bit more as you have to try her noodles too! We tried her Garlic Noodles (Php. 1,100) and it was amazing! This is definitely what pasta dreams are made of. Al dente pasta noodles perfectly cooked in buttery soft garlic and olive oil. It's soooo good that I had two servings of this with my crabs. I also tried adding some of the crab meat into the noodles making it even more yummy.

leys kitchen 7
If you love chorizo, then you got to try her Chorizo Pasta (Php. 1,600) which my sister loved. Fragrant Spanish chorizo bits with tomato and garlic mixed into Angel's al dente pasta noodles. I noticed that the serving portion especially of the chorizo was so generous that you can expect to get a good amount of chorizo bits in every forkful. I love how it's tangy and sweet at the same time.

It was really a delicious dinner all thanks to Ley's Kitchen. We're already planning our next family potluck party to give us a good reason to order more of Angel's crabs and noodles. Otherwise, we'll just do so for our own personal consumption. :P

Ordering is a breeze. Simply give them 2 days lead up and make a bank deposit prior to pick up. Pick up can be done in Libis otherwise you can arrange to have this picked up by Grab or Lalamove for a minimal fee.

Order now: Message Angel of Ley's Kitchen via Instagram or Facebook to place your order.

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