#KabogangKulob with Downy Expert Kontra Kulob

It's raining quite hard as I type this. The twins and I just woke up from our lazy Sunday nap and after playing with their Mega Bloks which ended up with a little fight as L tried to "demolish" her twin brother's beautiful architectural creation. I swear, I love it when I watch J working his creativity with the Mega Bloks, somehow I feel I'll have a future architect and he'll someday build our dream house.

Anyway, I honestly like the sound of the rain gently pitter-pattering on our window pane (that wasn't really intended to sound like a song lyrics) but growing up, my heart would leap with joy whenever I'd wake up to a rainy morning hoping that classes will be suspended that day. I'm pretty sure a lot of you were like that too! As a mom though, days of rain means more challenge in drying our laundry and worst, the fear of it smelling like malodor (kulob).

downy anti kulob 5
I have a very strong sense of smell and sometimes I feel that my nose is directly attached to my stomach. Anything foul smelling automatically makes me feel like throwing up. It's this thing that has been going on since I was young. This is also why I am very particular when it comes to the smell of our clothes, the aroma of our home and the laundry detergent used on my kids' clothes as well. One of the worst smell of all is the smell of damp clothes which wasn't dried properly. Back then, it's the thing that can't be helped as everyone relies on drying their clothes outdoor and dryers weren't as advanced as they are now. Also, the Downy Expert Kontra Kulob wasn't formulated then.

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Finally, we have something that can ease our worries about malodors and getting those awful pungent smell on our clothes. Also, as you know, anything moist is can be an instant breeding ground for bacteria so the Downy Expert Kontra Kulob is powered with 20x Antibac Powder making sure our clothes are germs-free too. Just one full cup for a full load of laundry and you instant get fresh smelling clothes rain or shine! Also since it's a fabric conditioner, it saves you time from having to iron your clothes as it lessen the chances of wrinkles and creases.

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In fact, one evening our helper wasn't able to pull out our clothes from the washer and she was so scared the next day thinking that she will have to do our laundry all over again if it ends up smelling so bad. To her surprise, it smelled just the way it should even after 10 hours in the washer and it stayed that way even after hanging out clothes up in the clothes rack indoors. Of course, my OC self still told her not to forget to take out the laundry from the washer next time but that was one accidental test that really showed us that the product works and we're so happy about it.

The Downy Expert Kontra Kulob is available in 5 different sizes -- 23ml sachet (Php. 5), 36 ml sachet (Php. 7.25), 720ml refill pack (Php. 139), 800ml bottle (Php. 187) and 1.45ml refill pack (Php. 275). This is available in all major supermarkets nationwide and on their online retail channels too. 

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