Snack Time : Kumori Puffy-O Japanese Donuts

If you're familiar with the story of King Midas who's a man that turns everything that he touches into gold, then the Japanese, I believe, are the type that turns everything that they create into something that's super cute and pleasing to the eye. I love how the Japanese gives so much attention to detail that even a regular gift-wrapped item turns into a work of art. Then there's their sushi and sashimi creations that just never fails to wow everyone. It's the precision, the balance and how they continues to achieve perfection no matter what.

kumori 1
That said, my heart skipped a beat when I received a beautiful present from Kumori Philippines about a month ago. It's a box of Puffy-O Donuts and it's available in 3 flavors -- Banana Walnut, Chocolate Caramel and Cheese. I was actually out when this beautiful box arrived so our reliable helper decided to store these in the refrigerator in order to prolong its life. So, as soon as my family and I were ready to give it a try, we quickly warmed this up, prepared our cup of tea or coffee to complement our afternoon snack. 

kumori 2
One thing that I've noticed is that this is not your usual American-style donut that's fried and coated in sugar. Instead, it has a sponge cake-like consistency and bite making it more fuller than it's western counterpart. I tried the Banana Walnut first and I loved it! I love the tiny bits of walnut and how the banana "cake" had just the right amount of sweetness. It's dense and pillowy soft making each bite so delightful. 

Next, I had a small bite of Paul's Chocolate Caramel Donut which he loved so much. I think what made it really yummy was the caramel center and the chocolate itself was good, not too sweet yet not bitter at all. The consistency is similar to that of a good ol' chocolate cake. 

Lastly, the Cheese donut initially was lacking in flavor as compared to the other two. Perhaps, don't have this last as the two other flavors might overpower it's mild sweet and milky taste. If you love cheese cupcakes then the taste profile of the Cheese donut comes close to it. 

All three flavors were handcrafted and were made with buttermilk, fresh eggs, butter and flour. In other words, the good stuff. ;) 

Kumori's Puffy-O costs P46/piece and P276/box of six. It's available for a limited time only so be sure to drop by the nearest Kumori store to grab some now!

Follow Kumori Philippines on Facebook to be updated with the latest news on their products and promotions. There are 13 outlets available including Robinsons Galleria, Landmark Makati, SM Makati, UP Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, Gateway Mall, SM City Bacoor and more! You may shop online too!

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