Delicious Cookies by Cate and Andi Home Bakery

I got to admit that if you make me choose between sweet or savory, I'd choose savory in a heartbeat. I have a very sensitive taste buds that what could be just a hint of sweet, sour, spicy or salty flavor notes for others, is already incredibly heightened for me. This is also probably because I grew up accustomed to having rather clean tasting or mildly flavored dishes here at home. My Mom, as you may know by now, is very conscious with the food that we eat. She ensures that we stay away from anything too salty, too fatty, too oily, too sweet and more due to genetic and medical reasons. How ironic right that I still end up loving food so much.

That said, you can really count with your hands the type of dessert that I personally love in my life. I've always been an ice cream person in particular fruit flavored ice cream. We also love fresh fruits and there has never been a day in my life that we do not end our meal with fresh fruits. My sister and Papa are choco lovers and Pan, is also our resident Cookie Monster. I remember how she would make it a point to bring home a bag of Famous Amos cookies whenever she would go to Singapore to visit me. That's how much she loves it. She eats cookies like one would probably indulge in a bag of popcorn. Haha! 

cate and andi 3
Anyway, this is why when I got a box of homemade cookies from Cate and Andi, I knew exactly whom I will share the box with. The cookies are big in size. Around the size of your palm and it has a thickness of about half an inch. Just by looking at it, I know that it has a making to be a great comfort treat for everyone. This is the kind of cookie that would definitely go well with a tall glass of cold milk. Yum! 

cate and andi 2
They have 9 flavors to choose from and in my box, I got 4 flavors to enjoy namely: Chocolate Cheesecake Dream, Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookie, Macadamia and Milk and Cranberry Cobbler. After taking a lot of photos, I did a quick eenie-mini-miney-mo and tried my first cookie. I went for the Macadamia and Milk which was an easy pick as I love love love anything with Macadamia. I was so surprised that Cate and Andi's cookies were not that sweet. In fact, it has just the right amount of sweetness that feels like a good warm hug on a stressful day. The texture was also just right. A bit soft and moist at the center and chewy towards the outer part. I personally do not like overly dry and crumbly cookies as it can drive OC me crazy. 

More on the cookie, I love the mixture of white chocolate and macadamia nuts. These two surely goes hand-in-hand together. 

Papa also tried the Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookie which I'm pretty sure he will like. Here's a trivia, my parents actually keeps a steady stock of Ghirardelli mini chocolates in our cupboard and they would enjoy a piece or two each after a meal. They love it so much that it never fails to put them in a very good mood after having their favorite chocolate. So, I'm not surprised that they gave this cookie flavor their two thumbs up as it has a generous amount of their favorite chocolate in it. 

cate and andi 1
I have to admit that I was a bit skeptic about trying the Cranberry Cobbler until Paul took a bite and told me that it was good. He was right! Again, not too sweet and it just hits the right spot. It has a flavor similar to an oatmeal cookie but instead of having raisins in it which I do not like, they added in sweet cranberries instead. Great move! 

Lastly, the Chocolate Cheesecake Dream was probably the most decadent among the 4 flavors that we've tried. It has double chocolate enveloped with creamy cream cheese. It's soft, chewy and milky. 

My favorite was clearly the Cranberry Cobbler as well as the Macadamia and Milk as you can see I'm not crazy over dark or milk chocolates but the other two flavors surely won the hearts of everyone else in the family. Apart from our neutral/clean palate, did you know that it normally takes weeks before we get to consume a box of cookies and any dessert here at home. 

That all changed when we got our box of cookies from Cate and Andi. Apart from sharing some cookies with my sister, I was so surprised how everyone (even my twins) loved the cookies that the box was emptied out the very next day. Make a guess which cookie did the twins enjoyed the most! Leave me a comment with your guesses!

With all the uncertainties and changes that our world is undergoing on a daily basis due to the current pandemic, it sure feels good to receive a box of cookies and to share it with your loved ones as a sign of being thankful for the gift of family. 

Check out Cate and Andi's Home Bakery and see their full cookie line-up over at their Instagram page. You can also place your orders via IG or Viber (0905-4150376). 

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