Celebrating Milestones with China Mommy

Ever since we discovered China Mommy more than two years ago, our basis for "what makes a good Chinese lumpia" has improved and increased significantly. For us, the best Chinese lumpia is what China Mommy makes -- fresh ingredients, clean taste and easy to prepare. It's been two years since and so far, I haven't came across a brand or restaurant that comes close to China Mommy's amazing lumpia.

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This is also why we find ways (and reasons) to celebrate with China Mommy's dishes as the main highlight of the meal. From Chinese New Years to our birthdays and even recently, Father's Day, there's just a hundred and one reason why we just have to have some good Chinese lumpia and more.

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This year, I celebrated my birthday during the quarantine, it was actually the day when the enhanced community quarantine was lifted but we weren't taking any chances and still decided to stay home as a family. While this birthday was indeed different from the rest, it was nonetheless very special. I got to celebrate it with my family and I was showered with a lot of greetings from friends and family alike. My heart was bursting with so much happiness that day and my tummy was bursting with so much food hahaha.

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My birthday lunch was truly a feast! We had China Mommy's Chinese Lumpia, Cha Misua -- which is a staple for every birthday celebration, and another favorite, Special Curry Crabs. Everything came well packed and sealed. One thing that I love about China Mommy is how well they package their food all the time. It can be such a hassle to receive sauce-loaded dish with half of the sauce out of the container already or worst one that's dripping oily sauce all over the place. I love how China Mommy makes sure that all their plastic containers are oil-free and are sealed so well that the dish stays within the container and for those that should be served warm...are still warm.

After all these years, I have yet to meet China Mommy in person but in my imagination, I think she's someone who has such great attention to detail, an "auntie" who is very clean and OC and is the kind who just makes sure that everything is perfect.

Anyway, lets talk about China Mommy's amazing dishes again shall we?

The Chinese Lumpia (Php. 2800 full order, Php. 1600 half order) needs no further introduction. It's the entire repertoire of lumpia wrapper, fresh lettuce, fresh wansoy, minced garlic, hoti (my favorite!), chopped peanuts with sugar, lumpia filling and lumpia sauce. It's really up to you how you want your lumpia whether it's all wrapped up or open faced, where you want it with garlic or without, if you want more peanuts or perhaps some hoti (pan-fried seaweed flakes and fried bihon).

There are a lot of combination actually on how you would like to enjoy your Chinese Lumpia and since it's DIY, you can do as you please. For me, I like mine all wrapped up with lots of peanuts, garlic and hoti. In fact, I love hoti so much that I'd enjoy it like cereals when everyone's done with the meal.

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No birthday will ever be complete without Cha Misua (Php. 2000 full order, Php. 1200 half order) and one thing that I love about China Mommy's cha misua is the kind of noodles that they use. It's firm and slightly thicker than usual, unlike other misua noodles that feels mushy and even lumpy, this one was definitely on the al dente side with a firm texture and bite. They also do not scrimp on the toppings are each scoop gives you a good amount of egg, shrimps, meat and fried onions. Also, each tray is packed to the brim that one order is probably good for about 10-12 pax.

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Lastly, China Mommy is also known for her Special Curry Crabs (Php. 7200 full order, Php. 3700 half order). Imagine a platter of plump, super meaty and juicy crabs cooked in China Mommy's special curry sauce. I have to borrow a famous line -- it was indeed finger-linking good. I gotta say that as I got some curry sauce on my fingers while I was taking the photo above and instead of washing it off, I just had to lick my fingers to enjoy the sauce. Don't wanna let good, delicious sauce go to waste (or down the drain haha).

I love how the crabs were so fresh and juicy. You know how sometimes, you get crabs that lumpy and mushy already inside? That's never the case with China Mommy. Somehow, same OC auntie has been doing intense QC on her ingredients, the crab included.

We had a very carb-filled lunch with the noodles and the fresh lumpia but take my word on this, you'll definitely want some rice to go with your Special Curry Crabs as the sauce is out of this world gooood. Put a spoonful of sauce over your rice and enjoy!

Thank you for making my birthday extra extra special, China Mommy and taking for spoiling our tastebuds every time we celebrate a special occasion. We're so lucky to have discovered China Mommy and I'm looking forward to more special occassions well-spent with their dishes at the center of our dining table.

Contact China Mommy at 0917-5148540 or on Instagram.

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