Premium Baked Macaroni from Simply Maarte

I'm indeed a very very lucky girl. Why, you may ask? It's because I come from a food loving family and I married into one as well. I've probably mentioned this some time before that Paul's family hails from the foodie capital of Luzon called Pampanga where you can find the most delicious yet heart-stopping delicacies and dishes that has ever graced our tables. From the famous pork sisig, the very umami tamales and bringhe, loads of kakanin variants and a lot more. It's not a big surprise then that Paul and his family are such foodies that our annual family Christmas gathering would start at lunch and could last past afternoon snack with food being served non-stop and we would sometimes even have enough to bring back to Manila.

simply maarte baked mac 1
So, when I found out that one of my cousins-in-law is selling her special Baked Macaroni, I quickly dropped her a message to place my order. Of course, primarily, I'm also all for supporting family and secondly, I'm curious to try B's premium baked mac. She told me that she only makes this twice a week and was initially just making this for close friends and family. Luckily, I fell within this category. Anyway, after much prodding from her friends, B decided to sell her Baked Mac over at her Instagram account called Simply Maarte.

Maarte in English refers to someone who is very particular about how things are done and this is exactly what makes B's Baked Mac extra special. B makes sure that she uses good, top quality ingredients from her choice of beef to the sauce that she makes as well as how everything is put together and baked to perfection. It's what I would call a very classy, adult-friendly Baked Macaroni. Perhaps my kids would love the creamy, cheesy kind but this is what me, Paul and my parents loved. The macaroni has a good bite to it -- not hard nor was it soggy, the sauce has just the right amount of tangy flavor and is incorporated with B's secret blend of spices. I loved it! I am a big big big fan of spices and herbs and this one was just so flavorful and delicious.

simply maarte baked mac 2
One thing that we truly love about B's Baked Macaroni is the absence of the usual thick layer of bechamel sauce that you normally would get from old-school cafes and my Mom was so happy about its absence as she doesn't like creamy macaroni. As she enjoyed B's macaroni, Mommy even said that finally, she found the perfect Baked Macaroni that suits her equally maarteng taste buds haha. Finished off with a layer of cheese and more herbs sprinkled on top, we just couldn't stop raving about B's Baked Macaroni.

simply maarte baked mac 3
Boy, am I glad that I ordered from B else I won't be able to discover the Baked Macaroni that suits the rather discriminating palate of my family. It's the kind that goes perfectly well with roast chicken or any type of roast meat and perhaps a glass of wine too.

If you love herbs and good quality Baked Macaroni, order from B via her @simply.maarte Instagram account. Her Baked Macaroni comes in two sizes: 8 x 8 tray which is good for 4-5 pax or 12 x 10 tray which is good for 8-10 pax.

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