Are you a Starbuck-oholic?

Driving to work this morning, I passed by a Starbucks store and did the unthinkable. I was surprised with what I did that it got me thinking that I must be really addicted to the Green Siren.

Admittedly, I've been a fan since it first opened in Greenhills ten years ago, I've tried most of its food items and can even name all of its drinks even with my eyes closed. Come Christmas time, I make it a point to pay the store across my University a daily visit until I can finally claim my planner. Yep, I was and still am a HUGE fan.

How about you? Are you a Starbuck-oholic too?

Here's my list to tell if you are:

1) You can remember the drinks that came and went throughout your growing Starbucks years. (remember, Rhumba Frappuccino, Banana Cream and Mocha Valencia?)

2) You're aware of the different promotions that happen year-round: Summer, Coffee Heritage, Christmas and Tea Lattes (which happens after Christmas)

3) You know the difference of the baristas in green vs those in black

4) You have attended a coffee seminar not only once but twice or thrice

5) The baristas know your name and your favorite drink

6) They have your drink ready the moment you step into the store

7) You have a designated spot in the store where you spend most of your day or night

8) When ordering a drink from a fastfood, instead of saying Regular or Large you would say "Tall, Grande or Venti"

9) The sight of the lighted round signage with the Green Siren puts a smile on your face

and lastly.....

10) You accidentally makes the sign of the cross as you pass/drive through a store

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