A warm coffee moment at Figaro

Who would have thought that the day would come when I would be drinking and loving coffee?

This is me, the former non-coffee drinker but who still pays a visit to the Green Siren on a daily basis. I had my first dose of coffee during my work orientation two years ago. I remembered it was House Blend, said to be the smoothest and lightest among the wide range of coffee blends available. Nonetheless, it was too bitter for my taste that I loaded it with lots of milk and two packs of sugar.

That day marked the start of my love affair with coffee.

Since then, I grew fond of the different types of blends and it differs based on the region that it came from. I love anything from the Latin American region: Columbia, Mexico and Peru. I also learned to concoct my own drink from customized lattes to mochaccinos to double shot espressos with a pump of white mocha. Yum!

While waiting for my meeting to begin, I got myself a cup of Butterscotch Vanilla Latte at Figaro. It took a while for the barista to serve my order but the moment the cup was placed in front of me, I truly understood why.

It has a pretty latte art on top of the foam. I held my breath as I carefully stirred my coffee after pouring in a pack of sugar. I took a slow, long sip. Ohhhh I LOVE IT! I'm a huge fan of butterscotch but not much of vanilla so I was a bit tentative about the combination. I'm glad that the sweet butterscotch flavor perfectly complements the vanilla syrup and when mixed with Figaro's coffee, it creates a creamy, caramelly coffee drink that's perfect for an afternoon like this.

I'm hooked! Now I want another cup of Figaro's Butterscotch Vanilla Latte!

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