My Shopaholic Confession

Hi!! I'm Fran and I'm a Shopaholic.

"Stress is inevitable." My mom would always remind me everytime she catches me opening a box of chocolates or a bag of tortilla chips and I would always use stress as my reason for eating my heart out.

She's right, after all, it is our responsibility to manage the things that stresses us out. As my way of balancing things out in my life, I would allot certain periods during the weekend where I would spend time alone and give in to whatever makes me happy at the moment.

This includes getting my monthly manicure and pedicure treatment, indulging in a massage or visiting my favorite mall to shop.

Then comes the confession...

Ohh...if only shopping can be considered a sport. I would probably be one of the first to sign up for varsity.

I'm a big fan of price-off promotions and freebies. Thus, my undying love for bazaars and the ever famous Greenhills tiangges (retail market). I still remember how I would update myself with the different mall-wide sales and would make it a point to be there on the first day. I truly find satisfaction in being able to purchase a lovely pair of shoes at 10% off!

The Shopaholic and The Book

I love chic lit books! I particularly the Shopaholic series that's written by Sophie Kinsella. Just imagine my excitement when I found out that the first book will actually be made into a movie! I can't wait to watch Rebecca Bloomwood as she shops her heart out with the craziest purchases! I also can't wait to watch how she meets and eventually falls in love with Luke Brandon, who I hope will turn out to be as handsome as I imagine him to be.

See you all as we catch Confessions of a Shopaholic in cinemas starting February 18,2009!

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