One Fine (Blue Water) Day...

"Do you really have to plot your schedule by the minute?", a close friend asked me as she peek into my handy planner. Actually, I've been doing this for a long time now...such a long time that I can't recall when I began to do so. "But I have to", was my only answer. A lot of things have been calling my attention lately and all of them have been pretty demanding too. Oh how I wish we have more than 24 hours in a day!

One thing's for sure though, I can't wait for the time when my To-Do list is filled with check marks and that's when I can finally sit back, relax and reward myself.

My guilty indulgence? An hour-long massage or a food spa treatment while bonding with my mom and sister. We are big fans of spa treatments and we have tried almost every single spa in the neighborhood. From small, cozy nail spas to the big, zen-like ones.

Wanting to have that much-awaited spa treatment soon, I was so happy to learn about the newest innovation in the spa world. Imagine the first ever Spa Movie Theater. This totally gives a different twist to the usual quiet spa environment surrounded with the sound of nature. This concept is fun and is perfect for big groups who wants to have fun and to relax at the same time. Of course, treatments that can be done in the theater is pretty limited. You can either have a Foot Reflex (with back and shoulder massage) or a Foot Scrub. Nonetheless, you can watch the latest movies, sing to your heart's content or play games while pampering your feet!

In line with Valentine's Day, I have friends who are preparing to tie the knot. Of course, it is part of tradition that the would-be brides and grooms will spend some precious hours with their closest friends and relatives in what is popularly known of as the bridal shower and the stag party respectively. However, for couples who has the same group of friends, it is also normal to just have one pre-wedding party.

Having a Movie Spa-rty is a great way to celebrate and unwind before the Big Day. Imagine treating your dearest friends and relatives to an afternoon of relaxing foot spa while watching a romantic comedy movie that everyone will definitely love.

I can't wait to drop by Blue Water Day Spa soon to have my much-awaited foot spa treatment at their Spa Movie Theater!

Contact Blue Water Day Spa at the 2nd Floor, BPI Greentop Condominium, Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, Metro Manila.

* Thanks to Francis Simisim for the photo used in this entry

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