Weekend Discovery: the Cold Spoon story

I have a new discovery and it's located along a not-so-busy road in the town of Angeles, Pampanga. It took us a while to locate it but imagine my excitement the moment I spotted the white brick wall that looks like an Eskimo's square igloo.

We entered the store and a cheerful lady greeted us hello. We gave her our order and immediately she pulled down the knob to produce a soft, white cream into a medium sized cup. Swiftly, she opened a small container which she pulled out from the chiller and piled my cup high with a generous serving of blueberries with syrup.

Ohh my mouth waters at the sight that I can't wait to take my first bite!

I've finally found Cold Spoon Frozen Yogurt and I love it!

I like the smooth texture of the yogurt as it melts in my mouth. It's sour taste was just right, enough to remind me that I'm eating a healthier alternative to ice cream. If only they have fresh fruits available then it would have been perfect.

The following day, I just had to go back. This time, I got the Strawberries in syrup and I liked it just as much as the Blueberries.

Each serving is worth the price: Small at Php. 60, Medium at Php. 90 and Large at Php. 150. The toppings ranges from Php. 15 - Php. 25 per serving.

Now, I have another reason why I should keep going back to Pampanga!

Cold Spoon Frozen Yogurt is located along Fil-Am road, Brgy Cutcut, Angeles, Pampanga.

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