Oreo on my Doughnuts...makes sense to ME!

Who would have thought that America's well-loved doughnut factory, Krispy Kreme, will someday team up with every kid's favorite cookie, Oreo?

Well, they just did!

To celebrate Krispy Kreme's 72nd anniversary, doughnut lovers and chocoholics can now unite and enjoy this yummy crunchy creation!

I was lucky enough to receive a box of the new Chocolate Kreme Cakes and I enjoyed biting into the soft cake-like doughnut topped with chocolate creme and sprinkled with crunchy Oreo bits. This is definitely a feel-good sweet treat!

There's no news yet if this will be a regular mainstay in the Krispy Kreme menu board or it will just be available for a limited time only but my best advice is to head to your favorite Krispy Kreme store and enjoy this delicious creation NOW! :)

*thanks to Krispy Kreme and GMCI for the photo

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