What a Japanese Feast!

For weeks, I have been craving for sushi. Normally my cravings last for a week or two or even shorter for as long as I was able to successfully satisfy this. A look back at my past entries showed how often I crave for different things... from frozen Mango Torte to sweet delectable cakes and pastries to Filipino dishes to spicy Buffalo Wings, the list just keeps growing and growing!

My sushi craving is probably the longest and most frequent which is the reason for the regular visits to the different Japanese restaurants in our neighborhood. Just recently, I was lucky to be invited to the media launch of Nama Sakana's newest menu. This trendy restaurant located along Connecticut street in Greenhills has a Japanese restaurant at the ground floor and a cool Japanese-inspired bar at the 2nd level. Diners can also opt to sit outside by the Yakitori grill.

Upon arriving, we were given a warm welcome and our server quickly ushered us to our table. We were served a bowl of Edamame (Php. 100) which are boiled green beans with a little sprinkle of salt. I'm a huge nut and beans fan so I really enjoyed munching on these while chatting with my fellow bloggers.

Then came the Seared Tuna Salad (Php. 230). I love the Japanese dressing that gives off a sweet, sour and salty taste. The tuna was soft and fresh but unfortunately there were a lot of carrot shavings on my salad which left a not-so-yummy after taste on my mouth.

Our gracious host allowed us to scan the menu and to order whatever interests us, I got the Nama Sakana Princess Maki which satisfied my sushi craving for that day. This sushi has all the yummy ingredients rolled into one! It has a slice of unagi, tempura, avocado, tamago and sprinkled with orange fish roe a.k.a. ebiko!

Aside from the maki, Paul also got a platter of Spicy Tuna Sashimi to share with everyone. While I normally have very low tolerance for spicy dishes, I love spicy sashimi and I would even dunk this in my soy sauce mixed with lots of wasabi! Nama Sakana's Spicy Tuna wasn't as fiery as I was hoping it to be thus failing to deliver the zing! that I always look for whenever I indulge in sushi and sashimi.

Up next was my new found favorite, the Black cod Gindara with Sweet Miso (Php. 680), eating gindara always leaves a wonderful dining experience as one enjoys the sweet, melt-in-your-mouth fish meat in every bite. In fact, a perfect lunch meal for me would be an order of gindara, a bowl of Japanese rice and unlimited fills of Japanese tea! Yum!

A lot of other dishes were served in between such as the New Style Salmon Sashimi, the Beef Tobanyaki and my personal favorite, the Katsudon. It was an enjoyable evening chatting with fellow bloggers over really good Japanese food.

Just when I thought dinner was over, then came the dessert. Normally, we would expect the traditional Japanese gelatin or a scoop of Wasabi ice cream in a Japanese restaurant but since Nama Sakana aims to surprise and delight its customers, we were served with a piping Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie (Php. 130). Everyone ooh'ed and ahh'ed as they took a bite. This was a fun dessert which is perfect for sharing. A perfect way to end a delightful meal!

Nama Sakana Japanese Restaurant and Ramen House is located along Connecticut street, Greenhills, San Juan.

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