SUNdating at Sentro 1771

Paul and I have been extra busy the past month that I was actually looking forward to spending one whole day just with him.

Thanks to my sweet colleague who handed me two free cinema tickets to watch GI JOE, we drove all the way to Greenbelt 3 to catch the 430PM screening. Ask me about the movie and I'd say it was nice despite the fact that I slept through 80% of the story. Still, I woke up just in time to see Duke saving his beloved Anna from the bad guys. Not bad huh? ;)

Sorry GI Joe but for me the highlight of the evening was actually dinner.

Since we rarely get to go to Greenbelt because we are so comfortable dining and dating around Greenhills, I know I have to make our visit worth it.

We were both craving for local Filipino dishes and I was ready to settle for either Cafe Bola or Recipes even if I've tried both in numerous occasions. Then Paul insisted that we go to Sentro 1771. I gave him a huge huge hug and picked up my pace before he changes his mind.

Inside Sentro 1771, which by the way was voted as one of the top restaurants in the Philipines by the Miele Guide for 2008, we were ushered to a window seat where we had a good view of the 2nd floor fountain. I studied the menu while Paul happily munched on the complimentary sunflower seeds.

Thankfully, the menu was laid out in such a way that there are mouthwatering images of the restaurant's best-sellers. I also liked the little icons that they put beside certain dish to say if it's Vegetarian or a House Specialty. I then focused my attention on all those with the House Specialty icon.

Corned Beef Sinigang

My first order was the famous Corned Beef Sinigang that I've been hearing so much about. Second pick was the Rated GG and lastly, I got the Fried Kesong Puti (Php. 250) as an appetizer.I felt my stomach growling as soon as I handed over the menu to our server.

Within minutes, another server approached our table and gave us a small teacup. She asked us to try the soup broth and see if the sourness of the Sinigang was just right for our taste. I was totally impressed. :) One sip, I liked the hit of the sour tamarind which later left a calming effect on my taste buds. Paul and I gave her our thumbs-up and she returned to the kitchen to prepare the rest of our soup.

Fried Kesong Puti

Paul and I are both cheese lovers. Name it, we love it! Since we're at a Filipino restaurant, what better way to enjoy our love for cheese than to indulge in 16 bite size Kesong Puti nuggets that we dunked into either a spicy guava sauce or a creamy garlic dip. I love Kesong Puti and this particular creation by Sentro 1771 was a winner! The two dips perfectly complemented the salty cheese that I can't even decide which one is better.

From salty cheese, we went to sour soup. Our Corned Beef Sinigang (Php. 420) was finally served. I love the comforting effect that a Sinigang (soup cooked with tamarind) soup gives. The corned beef was so tender that there is no need to exert much jaw effort while chewing on the meat. At this point, I was glad that we have a cup of rice to go with this yummy sour beef soup.

Rated GG

Lastly, for our seafood, we chose the Rated GG (Php. 230) simply because I'm curious on how Sentro 1771 can give a gourmet touch to our everyday seafood staple. To be honest, I rarely get to eat galunggong and this upgraded style was a welcome change. This dish reminds me of my family's favorite Spanish Sardines on Olive Oil. Imagine six boneless galunggong strips topped with crispy garlic bits that I happily mixed into my rice to make it more flavorful.

Dinner was fantastic but what made it memorable was the time spent with Paul as we talked about our Big Day plans and our future being together. :)

Sentro 1771 is located at the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City. You may contact them at 757-3940.


  1. thanks for posting the Kesong Puti,didn't know they had that. I like their food here, and also from their Chateau 1771. Too bad no branch in Ortigas or Greenhills area :(

  2. Nice article Fran :) na-inspire tuloy ako to eat at Sentro 1771 hehe! And it's always nice to chat about future plans over dinner.. Exciting yan! :)

  3. @mom-friday: that was the last thing we ordered actually..more like pahabol and i'm glad we did :) i agree how i wish they have a branch in greenhills too

    @via: ey ey ey! thanks so much for dropping by :) hope to see ya here more often!! :)

  4. Hi Fran! I'm glad you tried Sentro--and I guess it's okay to try the classic, signature dishes but next time you get to go to Sentro (there's also one in Serendra), I highly recommend you try the newer dishes, the amazing desserts, and their super impressive breakfast.

    I'd like to share with you my own posts on these:

    For the new dishes and other dinner options,

    For their great breakfast,

    Let me know when you get to try these out! :)


  5. hi kai!!

    thanks so much for your suggestions, i've actually been getting lots of raves about sentro and chateau's breakfast meals. i shall check it out someday that is when paul and I manage to wake up early in time for bfast :D


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