When being Stress shows

July was a crazy month for me, it was time for our 2010 Strategic Planning and this entailed spending long hours brainstorming, more hours getting the plans approved and at least two entire weekends spent to prepare for the actual presentation.

I didn't realized how bad my stress level was until a colleague asked me over lunch how come I look tired. I just told her that I have a lot of things on my plate right now but she continued by telling me that this was actually the first time she saw me this stressed out. Oh no...the last thing I want is to let stress overcome me. Yipes! Not good at all...

I guess it's time to relax and pamper myself to a couple of hours of full body massage, a mani/pedi treatment and maybe a facial?

I've been wanting to get a facial for as long as I remember. It's just that I'm really not that comfortable having my face touched my someone I don't really know that well. I shared this info with a close friend and she gave a wonderful solution: "Why not have your own facial at home?"

On the beauty side, I'm pretty a low-maintenance girl. I hardly wear makeup even to work and at most, my beauty ritual includes making sure I wash my face with a good facial scrub at least three times a day, applying a deep cleansing liquid at night and finally, moisturizing my face before I go to bed. I guess the down side is, I have close to zero knowledge on how to fix myself up (eg: apply decent make-up) during special occassions. Needless to say, I am thankful to have friends who are more than willing to lend a talented and shall I say, artistic hand whenever I need it.

Ok, so back to my DIY facial at home. Not wanting to sound like a product endorser but I only trust certain brands especially on my face. Take my facial scrub for instance, I only use Pond's Facial Scrub particularly the ones with the microbeads. I guess the beads give me that re-assurance of saying good bye to all the dust, oil and what-have-yous on my face.

Then came a message...

I opened my inbox and was greeted with a wonderful news:

I guess it's really a sign that I have to take this pamper-me plan seriously this time. I'm excited to load up on my Pond's facial stocks and this time I'm throwing in the Pond’s Age Miracle™ Microdermabrasion Kit, Pond’s Flawless White™ Vitamin Soak Lightening Mask and of course my favorite Pond’s Clear Solutions™ Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub.

STRESS, stress go away! :)

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