Frannywanny's Holiday Gift Idea : Mrs. Chen's Homemade Specials

A and I have been best friends since 5th grade and our friendship continues to grow all throughout these years. I still remember the time when we would have swimming classes together and those moments when we would reassure one another that we'll be ok come report card day. Back in grade school, we'd be like two peas in a pod. Forever inseparable that at some point people would say we look, act and think alike. After high school though, A left for Europe and took her university degree there while I fell in love with Marketing and eventually joined the crazy corporate world immediately after my graduation. Still, A and I would manage to catch up every time she would come home to visit.

Talk about destiny, A sent me an SMS a month before my BIG day telling me that the love of her life D has proposed to her. I've always like D for A from the moment I saw him and I knew they were perfect for each other. I was just as thrilled as everyone is about the news. Despite receiving the SMS while inside the movie house, I told A to tell me how the proposal went in full details.

A month after my wedding, A and I met up this time to plan for her BIG day. She surprised me with a pretty golden box filled with cookies and proudly told me that her soon-to-be mother in law made those. I've been hearing lots of wonderful stories of A's mother in law being a wonderful baker and I was very excited to try her cookies.

On my way home, I opened the box of Gourmet Oatmeal Cookies and I loved the sweet aroma of butter and oatmeal. Taking a small bite, I immediately sent A a text message telling her that her mother-in-law is a baker star! I love the chewy oatmeal and how it melts in my mouth.

In addition to her deliciouis oatmeal cookies, Mrs Chen (A's soon-to-be MIL) also makes really delicious Food for the Gods and Apple Crumble. These are perfect Christmas gift and potluck ideas.

Here are the other products available:
- Unique Walnut Cake
- Almond Cookies
- Gourmet Oatmeal Cookies (my favorite!!!)
- Food for the Gods
- Very Special Apple Crumble
- Truly Blueberry Cheesecake

Place your orders with Mrs. Chen by calling her at (+632) 716-0907 or (+63) 917-8324172.

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