Frannywanny's Holiday Gift Idea : Dragonfly Desserts

We have 41 days left before Christmas Day. To follow my annual tradition, I would like to share with you various Holiday gift ideas that you might want to give to your friends and loved ones this year.

First off is Dragonfly Desserts. A dessert-company owned by my friend Cheryl who, after taking her culinary lessons in New York City, came back to Manila to spread more sweetness to everyone's daily lives.

My sister totally loves her Wicked Bites which are mini cupcakes filled with chocolate and chili. The sweet-spicy mix makes every bite truly exciting!

This year, she sent me a couple of new additions to her growing list of best-sellers such as the:

Almond Cappuccino Bars: My dad, without even opening the box, said that whatever was inside must tastes good as it smells good. He's a coffee-lover and obviously was drawn towards this caffeine-loaded sweet treat. I love the moist, melt-in-your-mouth cappuccino bar that's topped with thin slices of almonds and chocolate chips.

Lemon Ginger Pound Cake: This one was my favorite, I love pound cake and anything citrus-y. I was initially afraid that the ginger taste might be very overwhelming but after enjoying two slices of the cake, I almost forgot there was ginger there. It's a very light afternoon cake perfect with a cup of tea.

Chocodamia Cookies: This is a perfect choice for all chocolate lovers. We enjoyed the moist and chewy cookies loaded with Macadamia nuts and gooey chocolate. I love the single cookie packaging so the other cookies stayed well-preserved even after a few more days.

Tomato Kesong Puti Tart: Best enjoyed when warm. I am a huge fan of quiche and this reminds me so much of my favorite Quiche Lorraine minus the ham. This is in true Pinoy gourmet style where Cheryl has put together the best things about Christmas-- Kesong Puti, Tomatoes, Eggs and Basil. I love the flaky crust in contrast to the smooth Kesong Puti mixture.

As I'm typing this, I am also slowly building my Christmas list where I will definitely give some of my Dragonfly Dessert favorites out for friends and loved ones to enjoy.

Merry Christmas!!!

To Order from Dragonfly Desserts:
Contact Cheryl Ann Lim at 0909-8888802 / 0917-8780001 / 5069922 / 4128003.

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