Something's Peekin'!

Is it already that time of the year when the Green Siren spreads the Yuletide cheer?

Once again, our favorite Starbucks Coffee stores are decorated with bright red ornaments to signal the start of the Christmas season. Feeling the warmth that the holiday brings, we enjoy cups after cups of our favorite drink. Be it Toffee Nut, Praline Mocha or Peppermint Mocha, we pair this with their wide-array of mouthwatering food items that is sure to bring back wonderful childhood memories for you and me.

Then there's that much awaited 2011 Starbucks Planner that allows you to start your year right. This year it's all  about The Third Place--
It's not home;
it's not workplace.
It's that special place in between where
we meet to awaken our senses,
to find inspiration, and
to make lasting connections.

The third place --
this is what we have become for you,
our loyal customer, our friend.
Scanning through the pages of this year's planner, it brings me back to my Starbucks days. Going through each months, it felt like walking through each Starbucks store -- some of which I've spent wonderful memories with, others I look forward to visiting. It was just like my days spent building relationships with my fellow Starbucks partners, the events that I've created to give a better Starbucks experience to each customer, the warm smiles and enthusiastic greeting that I'd get all of the time.

Just like fate, June opens with the store close to my heart -- Starbucks Corinthian Hills, the first store that I helped with its opening. I remember how festive that day was with giant Starbucks cups piƱatas, overflowing drinks and food samples and a couple of special guests to commemorate the opening of our 100th store in the Philippines.

As you reach the end of the planner, Starbucks leaves you with a treat. A couple of discount coupons where you can enjoy free drinks, price-offs in merchandises and whole beans at certain months in the year.

I look forward to the new year as I fill up my planner with get-togethers with friends and new adventures here and abroad. Of course, there will be me-times that I look forward to spending at MY Third Place -- Starbucks Coffee Ashcreek.

Collect a total of 17 stickers and get the 2011 Starbucks Planner. It comes in three designs : wood, metal and velvet.

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Hmmm... Interesting designs for 2011. I think I'll choose wood once I complete my stickers. Thanks for the heads up! :)

  2. Hi, fran!

    Any chance you'll be having this for a giveaway, just like last year? :) I was one of the unfortunate hopefuls :(

  3. @karen: i'm actually working on a deal with my friends at Starbucks let's continue to cross our fingers who knows i might be able to share the Starbucks blessings to a couple of lucky readers soon

  4. ohhh I am waiting for the Mechanics fran. I would love to own a Starbucks planner. walang starbucks dito! ahahaha


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