Warming our tummies at Ramen Bar

As soon as we enter the -ber months, we have noticed a slight change in our weather. The daylight gets shorter, the wind gets colder... December is just around the corner.

Since we got back from our honeymoon, Paul and I have been craving for ramen noodles. Sadly, our hectic schedules have hindered us to quickly drive to the nearest Japanese restaurant to get our ramen fix.

It was just a couple of weeks ago, when we had to bring our poor sick laptop to the shop for repair. The technician told us to come back for two hours and since it was also time for lunch, we went around Eastwood Mall looking for a place that will catch our fancy. We've both tried a number of outlets in the mall and even those along City Walk, then I remembered that I wanted to try Ramen Bar, quickly we looked around and finally found it just at the back of the laptop shop.

I've heard about Ramen Bar from fellow bloggers and it has been on my list for a couple of months now. I'm so glad to be able to find it and finally we'll be able to satisfy our ramen noodle craving.

While browsing through the menu, we surveyed the neighboring tables and noted that the bowls were huge! We then agreed to just get one ramen and an appetizer to share.

One thing that I makes me wary about eating soup-based noodle dishes is that it might be too salty for my taste. I grew up with my mom's healthy, rather bland cooking that just an extra pinch of salt is too much for my taste buds to take.

I zeroed in on the Sapporo Miso Ramen (Php. 320) which has corn kernels, butter, tamago (soft boiled egg marinated for 48 hours), naruto (fish sticks), negi (sping onions), and chasyu (sliced pork). All these mixed with the freshly made al dente ramen noodles on its miso soup stock. It was my first time to try ramen with butter but I realized that it has made the soup richer and tastier. I love munching on the naruto and chasyu while slurping spoons after spoons of the miso-infused soup. We love the noodles which has just the right bite. Paul commented that not a lot of Japanese ramen bars can achieve this here in Manila. Hats off to Ramen Bar then!

Aside from our noodles, we also got the Kakuni Buns (Php. 180). At first glance, it reminded me of the Chinese Cua Pao where it also has a slice of pork asado, hoisin sauce and spring onions. Peering at it closely, you'll see that they've added a piece of lettuce and drizzled Japanese mayo on top of it. Paul was the first to take a bite and he nodded as if to give his approval saying that it's good. I followed suit and I couldn't agree with him more. The pork was very soft that as the menu says it literally melts-in-your-mouth. The sauce was very tasty and we slowly enjoyed our Kakuni Buns with our ramen.

Service was superb too! Inside are long tables where you'll have to share with other customers. Our dining experience was fantastic that it somehow took away our worry over our laptop at least for an hour or so.

Don't you love this shirt? Thanks Zeny for gamely posing for me!

I'm still nursing a recovering tummy but as soon as I get better, I will definitely head back to Ramen Bar for my ramen fix! :)

Ramen Bar is located at Unit 1800-4A, Ground Floor, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. Call them at 570-9457.

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