Crystal Lotus: Creative Dining at its Finest

It’s so cute, and you can eat it!

This was what’s on my mind the entire time Paul and I were enjoying our late lunch at Crystal Lotus. Located inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, we were treated to a special six-course lunch set by our wonderful hosts. Scanning the menu, the items sounded pretty normal but what we didn’t know was that this meal was not only a treat for our taste buds but truly a feast for our eyes too.

crystal lotus hong kong disneyland

It all began with the Roasted Suckling Pig with Cucumber and Sweetened Paste in Steamed Piggy Mask Buns. We were each given a rectangular white plate with a mini steam basket and two slices of suckling pig. I clapped in glee as I saw the two adorable looking piggy buns. How can I eat something as cute as this? Yet, the mouthwatering suckling pig skin was just too delicious to ignore and so with one eye open, I place the suckling pig skin and meat into one piggy bun and popped the entire thing into my mouth. I love how crunchy the skin was and the meat was truly succulent. Wish we had more suckling pig with buns to enjoy but I guess we have to save more space for what was up ahead.

crystal lotus hong kong disneyland

We all love siopao! Flour buns filled with either a piece of big juicy meatball or flavorful pork asado. These are the two popular siopao types that we’re all used to. Well, we were both delighted to be served with mini steam baskets filled with Little Pig Barbecue Pork Bun and Little Green Men Pork and Vegetable Bun. I found the piggy mask buns cute earlier but this one was totally adorable! I got the Little Green Men first and took a small bite. Ohh I love the delicious mix of roast pork and vegetable inside. The Pork Buns were also too cute to bite into but I ate it all anyway. It was also too good to be left on the steamer basket.

crystal lotus hong kong disneyland

After our cute siopaos, out came the Seafood Glutinous Pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse! I enjoyed dipping this into salty, sweet paste that came with it. It’s like fish cakes which are deep-fried till crunchy. Yummy!

crystal lotus hong kong disneyland

It was almost 19 degrees celcius in Hong Kong the day we arrived at the park and while it seems to be a pretty normal weather for the locals, it was pretty chilly already for me who is used to the warm tropical climate here in the Philippines. I could definitely use a good bowl of soup. It’s a good thing, we had soup as part of our menu – Double boiled Chicken and Conpoy in Petite Coconut Soup. This was one soup that will surely impress my mom! Imagine huge scallop inside a Mickey Mouse shaped radish with chunks of chicken fillet all inside a small coconut shell. The soup was very rich and flavorful, it obviously took the chef a long time to cook this. I love the meatiness of the scallop in contrast to the clear soup. A very refreshing break indeed.

crystal lotus hong kong disneyland

Then came the veggies! Paul and I shared on a plate of Wok-fried shrimps with Disney Root Vegetables. Reading the menu, I was a bit confused what do they exactly mean with Disney Root Vegetables, are these specially grown by Disney? It was when our dish was served that I found carrots and cucumbers chopped in the shape of a four-finger hand. The shrimp was crunchy just the way I like it.

crystal lotus hong kong disneyland

Finally, the highlight of our meal and that one dish that I will never forget – Fried Rice with Tasmanian Crabmeat stuffed in a Whole Crab Shell. I just have to hand it to Crystal Lotus for their beautiful presentation. We were given a plate with a gold-plated crab shell with a real crab shell inside. This is stuffed with curry flavored crab rice that I enjoyed till the last grain left on my plate. The rice was covered with gooey cheese too! Wish they used a bigger crab shell as we both wanted MORE!

crystal lotus hong kong disneyland

Dessert reminded me of the Princess Diaries as we had Double-boiled Whole Chinese Pear topped with Aged Mandarin Peel. With just a little syrup needed to be added into the pear, I was surprised that the pear still remained crunchy despite being boiled for a long time. Sadly we were rushing to make it to the park on time that we did not finish this dessert. Would love to go back and have this again soon.

Service was terrific at the Crystal Lotus. Despite the restaurant being full, we were still well taken cared off by our server. I look forward to dining here again with the entire family next time.

Crystal Lotus is located inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.


  1. ang cute nito "Roasted Suckling Pig with Cucumber and Sweetened Paste in Steamed Piggy Mask Buns". atska yung siopao na pig and alien haha .. :)


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