Sisterly Love at Borough (Podium Mall)

My sister and I live under the same roof yet in these past few weeks, I hardly had the chance to chat with her. She has been very busy with work that she would come home late at night while I've been feeling extremely tired lately that I was already in bed as early as 10PM (sign of early aging? I hope not!).

borough podium

I guess she misses me so much already (haha!) that she sent me an SMS last Friday inviting me to an afternoon bonding session before heading home. I immediately said yes and I was so excited that I hardly could sit through all my meetings that day. Finally at around 530PM, I left the office to head to Podium for our much-awaited bonding session. We agreed to meet at Borough, a restaurant that I've been wanting to try out. I'm glad my sister was game enough to take that longer walk to Podium from her office instead of just hopping over to SM Megamall. See, she misses me THAT much! :)

I bought a P495 coupon from Deal Grocer a month ago. It's a set consisting of: Buffalo Chicken Wings, All-Beef Cheeseburger and Mom's Milk and Cookies. The set is actually worth Php. 935 with service charge already and I find it a great deal buying it for almost half the price. I'm glad that I didn't have any problem presenting the coupon and availing of the set. Kudos to Deal Grocer in making sure all establishments are knowledgeable about the deal.

borough chips and dip

While waiting for my sister, I ordered a basket of Chips and Dip (Php. 110). I love the dip as it reminds me of our favorite Frito-Lay Sour Cream and Onion Dip. The chips was just ok, a bit too oily for my taste that I could hardly taste the potato and seasoning instead felt oil in every bite. We had a lot of chips left and when we asked for a refill of the dip, we were told that there will be additional charge for that. Shucks.

borough cheeseburger

Finally my sister arrived and I signaled the server to bring out our set. First came the All-Beef Cheeseburger (Php. 360). We noticed how fat the patty was and as I was slicing the burger in half, I noticed that some meat were crumbling at the side. I love the bread though, this I found out that Borough makes their own breads. The patty was a bit dry and it lacks in flavor. Not worth the P360 price tag. Looking at the tables beside us, looks like the BBQ Pulled Pork seems to be a better choice. Will definitely try that next time.

borough buffalo wings

After the burger, we had the Buffalo Chicken Wings (Php. 300), I'm glad that the server told me that it's a bit spicy so I proceeded with caution. With all the buffalo wings that I've tried in the past years, I can say that my tolerance of spicy dishes has went up a tiny notch. However, no matter how this has improved, I still couldn't take Borough's spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings. Just one bite and my entire mouth was in flames! Not even the bleu cheese can help tame the spiciness of the chicken. My sister was a trooper as she bravely ate most of the wings in the basket. I just had two pieces and I quickly raised the white flag. In fairness though, the chicken meat was tender however one piece that I got was still raw inside. The meat was still translucent and the ones near the bone was bloody red. I couldn't believe it as I know how long they have to deep-fry the chicken to be able to achieve the crunchy skin.

I was ready to tell my sister that I'm glad I got the coupon for a cheaper rate vs. having to pay for the full price of these dishes. None of the dishes that we've tried has still made an impact to our afternoon bonding session. But we're not the type who gives up so easily...we were still hopeful that we'll stumble upon a gem over our fun afternoon merienda.

borough milk and cookies

Last to come out was a bucket of ice with a bottle of milk and a plate of cookies. Called Mom's Milk and Cookies (Php. 190), it's the cheapest among all that we've had in the set and the only one that we truly liked. We were quite disappointed with the dishes that we had earlier but this one totally made up for it. We love the warm chewy cookies that has a crunchy coating but inside you get to bite into the soft, delicious cookie dough that melts-in-your-mouth.

borough milk and cookies

The milk was quite rich for my taste which we later found out was a mixture of fresh milk and ice cream. It's sweeter than your average milk and thicker in consistency too. The kids will surely love this. They serve the milk in shot glasses for you to be able to easily dunk your cookie in before taking a bite. It's funny because around us, people were having wine or beer with their meal while in the middle of Borough, you'll see two 20-something girls sharing a plate of warm cookies with shot glasses filled with milk!

Borough is open 24/7 where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and even your midnight snack! For us, we'll probably be back for more milk and cookies and to try that BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, Pumpkin Ravioli and more!

Borough is located at the Ground Floor of The Podium Mall, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City. They have two entrances -- one inside the mall near Cantinetta and one outside by the driveway to the basement parking.

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