B&T Mexican Kitchen in Ortigas Avenue

After our fun reunion dinner with Ei at B&T last month, we were back again a week again this time with The Club to sample more of what B&T has to offer. We were a huge group of 10 and despite being seated in a long table, Philip of B&T still managed to fill up our table with food, food and more food!

Let me share with you a number of B&T dishes that I really enjoyed that evening:

b&t chips and chili con carne

While waiting for the others to arrive, we had baskets of Chips and Chili con Carne (Php. 180) to munch on. I had this also during my first visit and I love the crunchy colorful nachos. It's lightly salted allowing the Chili con Carne dip to shine. I'm glad that it doesn't have a hint of spice making it very kid-friendly.

b&t vegetarian pizza

We've tried a number of Mexican restaurants in the past, some of which I vow never to return, yet B&T has this charm that makes us want to go back every so often. I guess it's because they have went beyond the regular burrito-taco-quesadilla offering and has a lot of creative dishes that will make you curious enough to try. Take the Mexican Pizza for instance. It's the first time I've came across a local Mexican restaurant offering Mexican Vegetarian Pizza (Php. 430). The crust is made of thin tortilla as it's loaded with green and red bell peppers, onion, corn, olives and cheese! I love the super thin crust and the overly-loaded pizza. Since it's filled with veggies, it makes the entire experience guilt-less (or I'd like to think that it is hehe). I'm curious to try the other pizza variants such as the Mexican Franks Pizza and the Chipotle en Adobo Pizza.

b&t chicken mole

After telling the Club that I've tried B&T a couple of weeks back, Richard told me to try the Chicken Mole on my next visit. He loves it so much that even Jane agrees that it's very good. I'm lucky that Philip decided to serve this to us that evening. The Chicken Mole Meal (Php. 320) comes with three warm tortillas and Mexican rice that serves as the bed for the chunky Chicken Mole that has a mix of chocolate and cilantro. Ohh..chicken, chocolate and cilantro! What a creative combination! I agree with my friends that it really is good. It was a bit spicy but the chocolate and cilantro mix totally brought out a different flavor that can make you say Ole! It's one of those dishes in B&T that's truly Mexican, in my opinion.

b&t fish taco

I have been raving about the fish burrito and Philip made us try a different combination -- Fish Taco (Php. 330) and Shrimp Burrito (Php. 350). Perfect for the seafood lovers in the club like yours truly. Let me start with the Fish Taco, I enjoyed biting into the lightly breaded dory fillet mixed into the soft taco tortilla and topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato! One order comes with three soft taco which is actually good for sharing. I love how generous the serving of the cheese was. Drizzle it with garlic cream sauce and you'll have a great time enjoying your soft fish taco.

b&t shrimp burrito

The Shrimp Burrito is a very filling option for those who wants a heavy yet meat-less lunch. I can imagine having this come Holy Week where I abstain from meat every Fridays starting . The fun part about ordering at B&T is you can customize your order. Take the burrito for instance, you can choose from the rice, the veggies, the type of beans, the meat and whether you want tor burrito dry or wet (covered and torched with cheese!). I love the shrimp burrito because it's like having ebi tempura inside your Mexican burrito. This is when East meets West. :)

b&t quesadilla de fruta

For dessert, Philip had something in store of us! We had the Quesadilla de Fruta (Php. 215) which is like a Mexican version of the Peach Crepe. Once again, it makes use of the tortilla which has lots of peach slices as filling and drizzled with chocolate syrup and nuts. I liked it despite feeling so full from the dishes that we sampled that evening. I'm excited to try his other dessert line-up such as the Strawberry Nachos, Tres Leches and the Mexican Fritters.

From the time that I've tried B&T, it has quickly became my favorite Mexican stop already. I'm glad that it's location is very accessible making it easy to go to whenever the craving hits.

Check out B&T Mexican Kitchen at 368 Sekai Center, Ortigas corner Madison street, Greenhills, San Juan City. Call them at 0917-8126218 / 9751850.

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