SHOEpaholic dreams at Payless

We were really just planning to sleep the entire day to catch up for the hours missed as we both had a very busy week. This is also to remove those pesky dark circles growing under my eye. However, I woke up this morning suddenly feeling nervous that I am not ready for my upcoming trip. For one thing, I don't have enough clothes for the cold weather and this is already counting the coats and jacket that my dear mommy-in-law will lent me. I don't have a pair of close shoes in my shoe rack as I live on strappy sandals, flats and flipflops.

payless shoe

Thankfully, Paul was game enough to cut our weekend sleeping plan short and to go to Shangri-la Plaza with me. Since July last year, I learned that one of America's biggest shoe store is finally opening in Manila. I haven't checked it out since as Payless in SM Megamall opened during my wedding month and my schedule was filled to the brim leaving me no time to shop. I've heard raves about shopping in Payless -- how organized it was, how extensive the choices were, how affordable a pair of designer shoes are and a lot lot more. However, I haven't found the need to buy a pair of shoes after splurging on six pairs in one go for my wedding dowry (all, by the way, are strappy sandals). Finally, I have a good reason to shop for shoes and this is to look for the perfect pair of comfy closed shoes to wear during my trip.

What my friends said are true, I really enjoyed shopping in Payless as the racks are arranged by shoe sizes. I immediately went straight to the 7.5 rack and began my search. I was in shoe wonderland! In front of me are different types of shoes from flats to wedges, from stilletos to sneakers. I was immediately drawn towards the pretty strappy ones but Paul reminded me that I am supposed to look for closed shoes. Oops!

payless shoe

It was so easy to try on a pair as all are in your size! No need to wait for the clerk to get the right pair for you. All you have to do is to grab a piece and slip it into your feet. That easy!

For those who are at a lost also on the right shoe size for them, you can easily ask any of their sales representatives to measure your feet.

payless shoe

*drool* pretty little thing, isn't it? :)

Finally, I found my pair of comfy leather black boots. It is not too high nor was the width too pointed. I love how warm my feet feels inside, assuring me that for as far as my feet are concerned, they'll be ready for the cold weather ahead. The best part is, it only retails for P1,250! What a great deal!

Payless Shoe Source is located at the Ground Floor of Shangri-la Plaza Mall (near Healthy Option/Shaw Entrance). They also have branches in Greenhills, SM Megamall and Festival Mall in Alabang.

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