Grocery Pick : Tipco Fruit Juice (and a chance to fly to Bangkok for FREE!)

I'll let you in on my mom's secret. :)

When my sister and I were still babies, she would make fresh Tomato juice for us to drink. We all know that Tomato has lycopene and it has a very strong anti-oxidant and anti-cancer power. Aside from this, Mommy believes that tomato juice is also very good for the skin. Of course, she wants that for her two daughters and I must say that her daily practice of feeding us with tomato juice has proven its benefits for the two of us. My sister and I have never had a facial treatment done and our only daily beauty routine includes washing our faces at least two times a day and to moisturize, moisturize and to moisturize. Luckily, we were also spared by the terrible facial acne problems that a lot of our peers got during our teenage years.

Someday, I wish to do the same for my kids. However, I can hardly imagine myself having the luxury of time to create these fresh juices for them. In fact, I hardly have time to make a glass of juice for myself lately! Oh, how we live a fast-paced life. *sigh* 

I'm sure a lot of mommies out there echo the same sentiments. While I still do not have a kid, someday I'm pretty definite that the last thing I want to happen is to compromise the quality of what they drink and eat.

tipco 2
Tipco is a leading fruit juice brand from Thailand. Over lunch one weekend, Paul and I were able to try a couple of fruit and veggie flavors that Tipco has available here in the Philippines. I was quite hesitant to try the Broccoli Juice. Sure, I love the vegetable but to drink it as a juice, I wasn't so sure.

tipco 1
But I'll never know till I take the first sip right? I'm glad I did as I was really surprised at how yummy it was. It had a light apple-like flavor yet you'll feel some tiny bits which I guess comes  from the processed broccoli. It was good and refreshing.

Aside from the broccoli, I also enjoyed the Orange, Pineapple and the Cranberry too. We happily tried one juice flavor at a time and had our own personal favorites. What I love about Tipco is that it promises us quality fruit juice that has ZERO flavorings, sugar, preservatives and coloring!

My Orange Tipco Juice with Scrambled Corned Beef Rice. Taken with Instagram.

Kids (and kids at heart) will also love the Tipco Superkid 100% Juice! I personally love having this here at home. :)

Tipco Tripaway!

I love Thailand, the food, the culture and the beautiful temples and statues that surrounds the city. As a treat to all Tipco consumers, this leading juice brand has launched a fun consumer promotion that will allow you to fly to Thailand for an all-expense paid trip to Bangkok where you get to stay for 3D/2N inclusive of daily breakfast, airport transfers, half day city tour and pocket money!

There will also be prizes for 3 more winners to Cagayan de Oro, Puerto Princesa in Palawan and Boracay!

The mechanics is simple: purchase (3) 1L Tipco 100% Juice and this will entitle you to (1) raffle entry! As you as you have your receipt log on to the Tipco Facebook page to register your entry. This promo will run until September 30, 2012 (while deadline of entries is on October 5, 2012) and the Grand Draw will be on October 10, 2012!

Tipco is available in all leading supermarket and specialty stores nationwide!

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