Kimbap ♥ at Gimgane in Seoul, Korea

Who doesn't love rice? Well..I do! Born and raised here in the Philippines, we Filipinos are known to be avid rice lovers. Personally, I enjoy rice in all forms! You name it, I love em all! Paella, risotto, garlic rice (sinangag), congee, brown rice, Thai Bagoong Rice, sushi and my one and only love -- FRIED RICE.

In Korea, we enjoyed more rice options such as the ever-popular Dolsot Bibimbap which is somewhat like Fried Rice only it's not fried, Omurice and my long-time Korean favorite, the Kimbap.

gimgane 4
After traveling to Yeouido to see a line of pretty Cherry Blossom trees (hooray for Cherry Blossom Festival in April!) , we walked around the area to search for a place to have lunch. We saw a line of small eateries, some of which are filled with locals having their lunch break. It was then that we spotted Gimgane. Uncertain on what it serves, Richard, Rowena and I entered the restaurant to check the menu out. Thank goodness they have photos of their dishes on the wall making it easier to order.

gimgane 1
Immo (auntie) preparing our Gimbap

Paul and I agreed to share our orders and so we got one platter of Gimgane Gimbap and Seafood Fried Rice. It was only after I placed my order that I realized that I failed to order a meat dish! It was a carb-loaded lunch indeed!

gimgane 3
Our Gimgane Gimbap was quickly served and I stopped for a while to admire how pretty it look. Gimbap is Korea's answer to the widely popular hand-rolled Japanese maki. If you're familiar with Futo Maki then this is very similar to it. The only difference is they add in more savory fillings compared to its Japanese counterpart. You also don't need wasabi here as the fillings are all cooked. We enjoyed this very much and even went to Gimgane's Myeongdong branch on our last day to buy a box of Gimbap to take to the airport with us.

gimgane 2
As for the Seafood Fried Rice, it was also a winner! We enjoyed the fluffy rice cooked with egg, ham, veggies, shrimps, squid and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. It was soooo good that we just kept on eating and before we know it, our plate was sparkling clean!

I love the quiet neighborhood vibe of Gimgane in Yeouido. The youthful crowd, the delicious food and the accommodating service all made us feel at home.
gimgane 5
Gimgane has several branches around Seoul, Korea. We were able to visit the ones in Yeouido and Myeongdong.

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