Snack Time : Cakes by Jayjay

I'm BACKKKKK!!! *waves*

Hello dear readers, hope you're all enjoying your long weekend! Paul and I had an amazing time in Hong Kong and Macau and I can't wait to share our foodie adventures with YOU!

jayjay 2
Meanwhile, let me share with you another snack discovery especially for all chocolate lovers out there. My colleague Jayjay bakes these wonderful chocolate cupcakes that are so moist, fluffy and totally awesome! It's 100% homemade thus expect that these cupcakes has just the right sweetness level and the frosting on top was just too irresistible.

This is the type of cupcake that I used to enjoy when I was a kid. It's a straight-forward, no-frills type of cupcake. It's the kind that I love to indulge on while enjoying my lazy weekend at home.

I like how gooey the chocolate frosting is that I find myself enjoying my cupcake with the frosting intact. Normally, I would remove this before taking a bite but this one was just too yummy to discard. This pretty much comes next to my all-time favorite chocolate cupcake by Kookie Monster in Unimart.

A box of dozen cupcakes sells for only Php. 400! That's a great deal! This makes for a great party treat too! Jayjay also makes Red Velvet Cupcakes which I have yet to try soon!

For orders and inquiries, call Cakes by Jayjay at 0915-9286545. You may also email Jayjay at

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