On Stage: Cookin' Nanta Show in Korea!

Every time we travel, Paul and I make it a point to mix a little bit of cultural immersion to our regular eating and shopping spree. After all, every trip should serve as a learning opportunity for us to know more about the country, its people and its colorful culture. Be it a visit to the Chiang Kai Shek Monument and witnessing the changing of guards or watching the world renowned Siam Niramit show in Bangkok, we always enjoy being able to come home to Manila with these rich experiences that will definitely stay with us a lifetime.

Researching and planning for our trip to Seoul, Korea led us to the Cookin' Nanta website which is said to be Korea's Best Musical Performance since 1997! According to the website, it's a non-verbal, musical performance that has traveled the world even reaching Broadway and approximately 42 countries worldwide. Wow! Reading this has instantly convinced me that we have to watch the show! It was our chance, after all.

cooking nanta korea
It's a good thing that some of our travel companions were also interested to watch the show with us. To ensure that we have good seats, we purchased our tickets online. It was also perfect timing that they were running an online promotion offering 20% discount to all Facebook fans of the Cookin' Nanta show! We all got a great deal with our tickets.

Personally, I think that it is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance as the theater was packed that evening and to think we watched on a weekday! Seeing the crowd, I got even more excited as it was a good indicator of how good the show must be.

The show began in high energy and it was really impressive that they have kept this up all throughout the show. No boring moments, I assure you. In fact I spent most of the time laughing my heart out. There were a lot of funny antics and it was really fun that some audience were able to participate too! I was waving my hand hoping they'd get me but sadly they chose those sitting by the aisle. I know better next time. :)

The story is about three young cooks who were seen organizing the kitchen and doing the basic prep work. Their manager entered to announce that they have to prepare a feast for a wedding happening on the same day at 6PM. As if that's not stressful enough, the manager brought along his nephew and asked the three cooks to train him as well. With the kitchen newbie in tow, the three cooks quickly planned and prepared for the evening's festivities. They went about with their work preparing one dish after the other. Will they finally be able to make it to the 6 o' clock deadline? 

The Cookin' Nanta show has daily shows in four theaters around Seoul -- Myeongdong, Hong Dae, Jeju and in Gangbuk Jeong Dong. The show also runs 2-3 times a day. We watched at the Myeongdong Theater and got the S section tickets. The theater is small so even those seated at the A section will still have a good view of the stage. Given a choice though, I would love to sit at the VIP section to get a better chance at getting picked next time. Heehee..

Cookin' Nanta show is perfect for the entire family. Provided that you have a good sense of humor, everyone from the elderly to the youngsters will surely love the show.

Ticket price:
A section: W40,000
S section: W50,000
VIP section: W60,000

For schedules, venue and ticket information, visit the official Cookin' Nanta website.

*photo credit: Cookin' Nanta website

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