Snack Time: Happiness in Cupcakes, Regent Soft Cookies and Mr. Pea and Porky!

It's a common scenario to hear our family discussing what to have for our afternoon snack (merienda) while having lunch! I guess I took after my Kongkong who just loves to snack and who considers this part of his daily dietary requirement. He's an amazing cook so we always enjoy his homemade bihon soup or together, we will visit one of his favorite restaurants along Banawe to have a tall glass of really good halo-halo on a warm summer day.

Let me share with you what we have on our snack stash that got us addicted on for days weeks:

Happiness in Cupcakes (a.k.a. HIC) specializes in alcoholic-flavored cupcakes that makes a great dessert choice actually for adult parties. I got to admit I don't drink that often but I do appreciate a glass of mojito or a strawberry margarita to end a stressful day. They sell their cupcakes by the dozen (Php. 650) and requires a short lead time of 3 days.

snack oishi hic 1
We were able to try the following flavors: Car Bombs, Red Hot Choco Peppers, Mojito, Pina Colada, The Elvis and Food for the Gods. Among the four alcoholic flavored cupcakes, I was pretty consistent in liking the Mojito the most. I loved the lime-flavored cupcake! Sadly, I had to take the mint frosting out as I can't take anything with heavy cream but Paul, who tried a small amount said it was yummy!

Papa tried the Red Hot Choco Peppers and enjoyed this dark chocolate cupcake with a sudden kick of spiciness brought by the hot chili flakes. Mommy and I were just too chicken to try it upon hearing that it was spicy.

Those who wants to have a non-alcoholic cupcake will surely enjoy The Elvis. This was actually the first piece that I tried as I was totally drawn by the big piece of bacon on top of the peanut butter-banana flavored cupcake. Yum!

We also had the Food for the Gods which had dates and chopped walnuts giving an interesting texture in every bite.

Meet Mr. Pea and Mr. Porky!

snack oishi hic 2
Let me tell you about the day when I met Mr. Pea and Mr. Porky. I got home late from work and as I went up to our room and there sat two HUGE bags on our red couch with the happy faces of Mr. Pea and Mr. Porky staring at me.  O, Wow!

snack oishi hic 4
I peered inside and gasp as I saw that Mr Pea's bag was filled to the brim with my Oishi Marty's Vegetarian Chicharon in three different flavors (Salt & Vinegar, Plain Salted and Spicy Vinegar). I love this very much that I consider this my comfort food less the guilt. I also found out that I'm not the only one. My sister Pan brought a couple of Marty's Vegetarian Chicharon to Japan as gifts for her business partners and they all loved it! Speaking animatedly in Japanese, they couldn't stop munching until the very last piece in the huge bag. Looks like, she will be bringing more for them on her next visit. :o)

snack oishi hic 3
Mr. Porky, on the other hand, was packed with Baked Porky Popps in two flavors too -- Classic Vinegar and Hot & Spicy! This is the real thing! Made with lean pork skin and air-popped to perfection, I just noticed that it's less oily compared to other chicharon (crunchy pork skins) bags out there.

I was asked who I loved most? Was it Mr. Pea or Mr. Porky? I gave it a really long and hard thought and realized that I love them both!

Getting Fruity!

regent 1
One afternoon, I also received a basket filled with an assortment of soft cookies from Regent! I love fruity soft cookies thus I excitedly opened a bag right after dinner that evening. The Regent Soft Cookies has four exciting flavors -- Chocolate, Mango, Strawberry and Melon.

regent 2
I tried the Strawberry Soft Cookie first and was immediately reminded of my childhood favorite snack called Fig Newtons. I love the buttery soft cookie filled with strawberry jam. I just wish they'd add more filling as I had to bit till the middle of the cookie to finally get the filling too.

The Chocolate Soft Cookie was also delicious as it wasn't very sweet nor was it bitter too. I have yet to try the Melon and Mango Soft Cookies which are waiting for their turn as soon as we consume the two flavors first.

To order Happiness in Cupcakes alcoholic/virgin cupcakes, call 0917-5362770. 
Oishi and Regent products are both available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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