CONTEST ALERT: Paper Chic Studio giveaway!

A couple a weeks ago, Paul and I received two jars of Lotus Biscoff spreads from two kind friends. These were their going away presents and we really intended to pack both jars in our luggages and wait till we get to the Lion City before trying them out. However... we were obviously not marshmallow babies and we opened one jar the moment we got home. It was almost bed time but I couldn't help it. With a teaspoon, we each got a scoop and tried this much talked about Lotus Biscoff Spread for the first time. I tell you, it was delicious! No wonder a lot of people are crazy about it.

paper chic studio 2
If you love graham cookies then you'll definitely go crazy over this too. One lick and it brought me back to my childhood days where Mommy would pack those teddy graham cookies for me. I love the rough powdery texture of the cookie with a hint of a cinnamon. I was so excited with the Biscoff spread that I forced Mommy and Pan to try it out too.

paper chic studio 1
The next day, I got inspired to bake as I had two boxes of really cute pink Baking Cups courtesy of Paper Chic Studio, your one-stop shop for your baking and party needs! I love pink and was so happy to receive a package filled with all these! Pink straws, pink cups and pink favor bags! I was in pink heaven, I tell you. I love how eco-friendly Paper Chic Studio's products are. Obviously, all are made with paper so they're all biodegradable. You can read their story here. I think it's high time we always consider our environment in whatever we do as pollution and trash are serious issues we have to face NOW.

Going back to the muffins, thankfully Mommy keeps a well-stocked pantry and it was complete with all the necessary items to make my Biscoff Muffins.

paper chic studio 4
With the help of Paul, we made two batches of muffins as we carefully measured each ingredients, sifted the flour to remove the lumps, melted the butter, added in almost the entire bottle of Biscoff spread and whisked all these together. Paul has instantly gained macho biceps after baking these muffins!

paper chic studio 6
Off they went to the oven as we prayed hard that they'll turn out okay. As soon as I smelled the sweet, cinnamon-y Biscoff aroma I knew our muffins will be ready in no time. Don't they look so pretty in my polkadot pink cups? They'd make great party favors too!

paper chic studio 8
We served our muffins during dinner that evening and everyone loved it! I also shared it with fellow bloggers Spanky, Roch and Richie the next day. I hope they liked it too! People say, do not judge a book by its cover but I think having a pretty muffin cup makes the muffin even more mouthwatering, agree?

paper chic studio 7
Paul loves the Biscoff spread very much that he added more on top to make it extra yummy!

In time for Valentine's Day, Frannywanny and Paper Chic Studio will be giving away the following items to ONE lucky reader:
1 pack of straws (50pcs)
1 baker's twine sampler
1 pack of favor bag
1 box of baking cups
1 box of candy cups
These products will be delivered right straight to your doorstep! Isn't that cool? This is perfect for all mommies who are planning to throw a party for their little one soon!


Ready to join? Here's how:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Of course, some reminders:
1) This contest will run from February 13, 2012 (Wednesday) to February 22, 2012 (Friday) only.
2) One lucky winner will be chosen via an electronic raffle program.
3) I will be contacting the winner via email for his/her mailing address.
4) Winner will be given 30-days to respond. In the event that the winner fails to reply, we will be drawing another name.
5) The prize will be sent to the winner via delivery c/o Paper Chic Studio.
6) This contest is open to ALL readers residing in the Philippines only.
7) One valid entry per person.

That's it, pancit!! Good luck!

Check out Paper Chic Studio at

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