Papa John's Pizza : Mythical 5 PBA Meal

Who doesn't love pizza? Growing up, this has been our staple during group meetings in someone's home, during a class party or even one's birthday party. Nothing beats the bonding experience as you share a box of pizza with your closest friends. At home, Pan and I would always have pizza for our afternoon merienda back when we were studying for our quarterly final exams. Mommy would leave additional allowance for us to be able to have a box of pizza delivered and this is something we both always look forward to quarter after quarter. To me, pizza is a comfort food. Someday, I'll be a cool mom and have pizza nights with my family. Haha!

However, when it comes to pizza flavors, I like the basic ones. The simpler, the better. This has been my motto ever since. Call it fate that Paul actually believes in the same thing. He has been loyal towards Hawaiian flavored pizza which is also one of my favorite pizza flavors equally same with the all cheese or seafood flavored pizzas.

Thus, when we got an invite to have late lunch at Papa John's Pizza in Annapolis, Greenhills. Of course, we had to say YES! We were given the chance to try their latest promotion which is in conjunction with the ongoing PBA (Philippines Basketball Association) games. They have been supporting the PBA for a couple of years now and inside the store, fans can avail of two PBA Meals which we think are quite a steal especially when you're a big group.

papa johns 1
The first meal is called Mythical 5 PBA Meal is worth Php. 999 and is good for 5 pax. For those with smaller appetites, you can actually stretch this to 7 pax and just order additional drinks. This meal comes with 1 Large 14" Pizza, 2 orders of your choice of Pasta (Diablo Burst, Carbonara or Bolognese), 2 orders of Potato Wedges and 5 regular-sized sodas. For big PBA fans, you can also avail of their special PBA shirts for only Php. 150 when you order this meal.

The pizza is HUGE! You can actually have two flavors on your pizza which is perfect should half of the group wants a particular flavor from the other half. For this, we had half Pepperoni and half Chicken BBQ. We tried to do away from our usual flavors just so we can try these two best-selling flavors from Papa John's Pizza.  I love how chewy the crust was and the Chicken BBQ had a delicious smokey sweet taste. The Pepperoni was okay however, we still love the simpler flavors more.

papa johns 6
Of course, no meal at Papa John's Pizza would be complete without their signature butter dipping sauce. Take my word for it, must try and have lots of it. I dip everything except for the pasta into it. The pizza as well as the potato wedges too! Yum yum yum!!!

papa johns 4
The Potato Wedges were really delicious. Crunchy on the outside, be careful when taking a bite as the potato inside was still piping hot. Be sure to allot time to wait when dining at Papa John's Pizza as they prepare your meal upon receiving your order so expect that all dishes are freshly cooked and still steaming as served on your table. Paul actually liked the marinara sauce that came with the Potato Wedges. However, I stuck to the butter sauce as I like it more creamy over tangy.

papa johns 2
For our pasta, we had the Diablo Burst which was very spicy. You know that feeling that one dish is so spicy but you can't help but have more because it's also so yummy? That was the case with the Diablo Burst. I love the penne, sausage and chili but I have to stop after a few bites as my tongue was felt so numb from the spicy flavor already. Oh boy!

papa johns 3
To tame the flames, we also had the Carbonara which was a total contrast from the Diablo Burst, this was very mild and creamy that I'm sure even kids will love. It's topped with sweet ham and cheese too.

papa johns 7
We had a very filing, carbo-loaded meal yet we can't say no to dessert. Papa John's Pizza now gives you a complete meal with their desserts. We had the Lava Cake which was so good and I highly recommend that you have a slice of the cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It's so good and gooey, it made a perfect ending to our lunch.

Aside from the Mythical 5 PBA Meal, Papa John's Pizza also has the Championship PBA Meal for 12 pax. This on is worth Php 2,499 and it comes with 3 medium sized pizza, 12 pcs Chicken wings, 4 orders of Pasta and 12 regular sodas. Once again, you can avail of (1) PBA T-Shirt for only Php. 150 when you order this meal.

This promotion is only good until March 15, 2013! It's available for dine-in, take-out and delivery orders. I'm missing Papa John's butter sauce already as I type this entry. I'll definitely be back!

Papa John's Pizza has a total of 13 branches all over Metro Manila! Click here for the complete listing and delivery phone numbers.

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