Doodle! : Pasta, Noodle & Winebar

It's no secret how much I love the Green Siren. After all, what's there not to love? The coffee, the happy and friendly baristas (whom we call partners), the relaxing vibe... indeed Starbucks Coffee has been my 3rd place since it opened its doors in Manila years ago. That said, it was a dream come true for this Starbucks baby to land a job as part of the Green Siren's marketing team back in 2006. We were a group of 7 girls and while others may think we would end up squabbling and pulling each other's hair, we luckily all got along pretty well. Of course, there were bella days, as we would call our monthly grouchy days but if there's one thing we all love then it would definitely be FOOD. I tell you, we would have breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks together. Once in a while, we'd also go out for dinner and drinks too! I got to hand it to our very cool boss who was indeed the best leader in the land. She loved us all equally and would take the extra effort to build a good relationship with each one of us. ♥

Anyway, Paul and I are here at the Lion City and a few days after arriving, I immediately contacted a couple of my former Starbucks colleagues who are now based here as well. We finally got to together last Saturday over bowls of yummy pasta at Doodle!

When She suggested we visit Doodle! at the Velocity Mall, I typed in a big YES!!! I love pasta and by just looking at their menu, I could already hear my tummy growling. This is not your ordinary pasta place that offers the same ol' boring flavors. Here, they have very Singaporean creations such as the Laksa Lips, Peranakan-a-Choom and a lot lot more. Serving was quite big so we agreed to share three different pasta dishes among the 5 of us.

doodle pasta sg
Taking She's recommendation, we tried the Prawn Stars ($12.50 / Php. 412) which was supposed to be served with rigatoni pasta but we decided to change it to spaghetti noodles. I love how succulent the shrimp was. It's the kind when you bite into it, it has a slight crunch and it was just so juicy all over. Yum yum yum! The sauce was a bit creamy with a light spicy kick. Topped with arugula and cheese, I highly recommend this pasta dish.

doodle pasta sg
We also had the Goma-ma (Php. $12.50 / Php. 412) which was obviously Japanese inspired. Cold soba noodles and ravioli cooked with enoki mushrooms, sesame seeds, spinach and served in Japanese creamy sesame sauce. It tasted just like the famous Kewpie sesame dressing that we always use at home. Since the sauce was really creamy, do share this with a friend as it can be pretty filling for one.

doodle pasta sg
She tried the Doodle! Your Own pasta and she came up with a tomato-based pasta with linguini noodles, broccoli and bacon. It was a good balance to our two other creamy pasta. This is perfect for those who has a particular pasta flavor in mind that's not found in Doodle's menu board.

We also had a basket of garlic bread which was so delicious! Aside from pastas, Doodle! also serves truffle fries which I plan to try on my next return. It was so fun to see my former Starbucks colleagues again! 4 hours was definitely not enough to catch up with one another. Nonetheless, it truly made my day to see familiar faces in such a foreign place.

Visit Doodle! at the 2nd floor, Velocity Mall, Novena in Singapore. 

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