My 3-Day Detox in a Bottle Diary

Every year since I was probably 10, my New Year's resolution always include losing those unwanted pounds. Believe it or not, I was a skinny baby. Too skinny that I guess Mommy panicked and force fed me with all the yummy things to make me gain weight. Well, she obviously was successful at that, wasn't she? As a result, I became a chubby little girl up until I was 16. That was also about the same time when I hit my heaviest that Mommy panicked again and enrolled me in a month-long swimming class the following summer where I lost more than 15 pounds. My tummy flattened up, my double chin disappeared, my arms had tiny biceps and I had to change my entire wardrobe as my school uniform was just too big for me already.

As I bid all those unwanted pounds good bye, then came my confidence. Just in time to save me during those awkward puberty years where I began learning that boys aren't monsters after all. Tee-hee.

However, I didn't stay slim for long, college rolled in and there I was again eating my way through stress. It was after a heartbreak that I made working out my outlet. I spent all my free time at the gym and once again, I lost a lot of weight and was able to fit into all those pretty tops and jeans which were in season back then. I could even tuck in my botton-down blouse into my pencil cut skirt and friends would compliment that I looked pretty good! Well, this was also the time when I met Paul and what happened next can be read here.

At age 30, I greeted the year 2013 with a serious resolution to go back in shape. Yes, I know it may sound weird that me, a food blogger, will go on a diet. However, saying that I will watch what I eat doesn't mean that I will starve myself to death. I just have to learn to read the labels, control my portions, indulge once in a while and get into a more active lifestyle. Taking vanity aside, I'm doing this not only for myself but for Paul and our future family. Sooner or later, we'd definitely want to have kids and having had PCOS before, I know that weight gain is also one of the factors aside from stress and many others. Well, at least, I can say that I am doing my part to stay healthy and away from that dreaded condition. Never again, I always tell myself.

juice cleanse 4
I always believe in signs and this one came crystal clear. A month ago, I received an email from Detox in a Bottle inviting me to give them a try. Liquid diet for three days? Normally, I would hesitate and negotiate for just a day but keeping my resolution in mind, I immediately said YES!. This is it. I took the Detox in a Bottle 3-Day Program primarily to cleanse my body from all the oily and not-so-healthy things that I've been having all these years. I wasn't expecting serious weight loss as 3 days will probably just make my lose 10 lbs. at the very most.

juice cleanse 2
Detox in a Bottle is a detox cleansing program by Fitness Nutritionist Nadine Tengco. There are two sets available -- Cleansing Formula and the Weight Loss Formula. I had the weight loss formula which I treated as a cleanse too. All ingredients are fresh and are free of chemicals.

Finally, a blue cooler-like bag was delivered to our home one Monday evening and I began preparing for my detox by eating more fruits and veggies and less meat the day before. I got pointers from fellow bloggers Rowena and ML who has done liquid diets before. It wasn't easy, I tell you. I slept that night with my tummy softly growling.

juice cleanse 5
The next day, I woke up early to begin my cleanse. Each day, I got 6 bottles of freshly blended fruits and veggies as well as a bowl of soup with a Papaya Enzyme Tablet. I began Bottle #1 called the Energy Blast. It was green in color and I was surprised that it was pretty good. It had a sweet fruity flavor which I have a feeling includes banana and lemongrass. I liked it! To pace myself, I drank this while blogging so it took me an hour to consume the first bottle.

juice cleanse 6
I made it a point that I continue with my day-to-day activity during the cleanse. Sure, I tried to just stay within the neighborhood but I didn't just locked myself up at home all 3 days. For instance, in time for Bottle #2, Paul and I had to meet up with a couple of friends at Mann Hann and I brought along with me Bottle #2 -- Chili Lemongrass. It came with a pack of Ground Flax which Paul teased me that it's bird food, knowing that I am deathly afraid of avian. Well, what do you know, I actually liked the ground flax as it made Bottle #2 more filling. I'm getting good at this as I drank this leisurely while chatting with friends. I was also so proud of myself that I didn't feel a bit tempted to dig into our friend's food. Normally, I would give in to Chinese food but drinking Bottle #2 kept my cravings at bay.

juice cleanse 7
After Bottle #2, it was time to drink the soup! This was the only thing that changes variant for all three days. Day 1 was Non-Dairy Cream of Pumpkin Soup, Day 2 was Non-Dairy Roasted Vegetables Soup (a.k.a. Roasted Bell Pepper Soup) and Day 3 was Non-Dairy Cream of Zucchini and Carrot Soup. I have to say that I only enjoyed the soup on Day 1 as it had a slight curry taste making it really tasty. The next two days, it took me forever to finish the soup for two reasons. First, I really dislike Bell Peppers and Paul had to cheer me on to motivate me to finish my soup. Secondly, both soups were so tasteless. I was so tempted to jazz this up with some freshly ground pepper and saltine crackers which I know were not allowed. Bummer. This was my first road block so far.

As soon as I consumed my soup, Paul dragged me out of the house to go walking with him. We walked quite far and I felt so weak after 5 minutes of walking. We had to stop once in a while for me to conserve what's left of my energy. Finally, we got to our destination and the challenge now lies on the walk back. Well, I got back in one piece but really hungry and ready to consume Bottle #3 -- Kidney Cleanse. Since it was so hot outside, I drank Bottle #3 so fast. This was one of my favorite juice mix as it had a sweet basil pesto taste. To me, it was really yummy!

Two hours after, I had Bottle #4 -- Liver Detox. As much as I loved Bottle #3, I had a hard time consuming the next bottle. The consistency was so thick and it had a strong bitter after taste. Ugh. What makes it worst is that I get to drink Bottle #4 during dinner time and I have this while I watch my family enjoying their meal. Pure torture...pure torture. Another road block for me!

Bottle #5 was Gingerade. For the first and last day, Paul and went out after dinner to meet up with friends and once again, I brought this bottle along with me. I'm so blessed to have really supportive high school friends who cheered me on as I drank Bottle #5. Well, it was good and tasted very much like our local salabat (ginger juice). I sure hope this helped improve my voice after.

juice cleanse 1
The final bottle was called Salad in a Bottle. Just a great way to end my first detox day, this was also very delicious. I happily drank before getting ready for bed.

I repeated the same routine for the next two days and was so happy that I survived! I sadly wasn't able to weigh in but I did measured and realized that I lost two inches on my waist. I also noticed that my skin became clearer and smoother too. I also went to the bathroom (to pee) a lot which was something I was expecting to happen since I was drinking a lot of liquid. Together with each bottle, I made sure to also wash this down with a glass of water.

Each set came with a guide sheet of the chronological arrangement of the juice bottles and their recommended schedule. Ideally, you begin your cleanse at 8AM but since I get to wake up at 10AM then I just made sure that I drink every two hours thus having my last bottle at 10PM.

One after effect that I noticed was that the cleanse has curb my appetite for a couple of days after. In fact, Paul and I dined at Umami Hambaagu on the 4th day and I felt so stuffed (and guilty) after finishing my meal. Could it be a new formed discipline telling me to watch what I eat or it's simply my tummy telling me they had a blast from the break?

Will I do it again? DEFINITELY! Each set (per day) is worth Php. 2,000 (for Cleanse) and Php 2,500 (for Weight Loss) and it's really a small amount to pay to recharge and detox your body from all unwanted toxins. I'll try to do this on a yearly basis!

To order Detox in a Bottle, contact +63-917-555-6479 / +63-9663393. Delivery is part of the service and you can expect your set delivered to you the night before you cleanse. 

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