New Year, New Drinks at Serenitea

They say, first love never dies.

This rings true for my love for milk tea. More than 4 years ago, I first learned about Serenitea during one of our monthly publishers meetings. Our big boss told us that she tried a milk tea place in San Juan and it was pretty good. Being bonafide foodies, we wasted no time and in less than a week we were all able to try Serenitea. Back then, milk tea wasn't still part of one's food vocabulary. Sure, it has been around for decades...even centuries but it's normally found in Chinese tea houses or in Chowking as it's called Nai-Cha for instance. Who would have thought that one day, milk tea would rule Manila and Serenitea was the one leading the pack.

In time for the new year, Serenitea has launched 6 new drinks that I'm sure you'll all love as much as your old time Serenitea faves -- be it Hokkaido or Okinawa. A couple of food bloggers and I were lucky to be given a sneak peek on these yummy drinks a couple of weeks ago.

Here they are:

serenitea tropical yakult
Tropical Yakult
As much as I love milk tea, Paul isn't so fond of anything with tea in it. Most of the time, I feel so bad sipping my cup of Hokkaido Milk Tea like there's no tomorrow while he just watches me enjoy. How's that for true love? Anyway, I was so happy when Serenitea finally launched Yakult-based drinks with fruity flavors. Finally, something Paul can drink and enjoy! This one had a citrus-y flavor which makes it so refreshing and perfect for the upcoming summer months.

serenitea lychee yakult
Lychee Yakult
To say that this was Paul's favorite would be an understatement. He had 3 cups of this in ONE sitting! Woah! Well, I don't blame him. We loved the sweet lychee juice blended with the milky Yakult. The flavor was very mild yet truly addicting.

serenitea chaffe
Serenitea Chaffe'
Do you love coffee? Do you love tea? Well this drink combines both and produces a very yummy creation! It's similar to the Ying Yang Drink that I would always get at Ya Kun Kaya in Ortigas before.  On first sip and you'll immediately detect the sweet milk tea flavor followed by a slight bitter kick brought about by the coffee. It's really good and I'd love to have this with some Chicken Chops, please.

serenitea matcha milk tea
Cocoa Green Tea Frost
I dunno why but I had my dear friend Didi in mind the moment I saw this drink. I guess it must be because she's the only person I know who loves Starbucks' Green Tea Latte very very much! Anyway, the technique in drinking this is to sip it straight from the cup as the green tea foam on top is quite thick and using a straw will just leave all the yummy green tea topping on the cup. The matcha wasn't very bitter which went well with the Assam Milk Tea base.

serenitea choco pudding
Chocolate Pudding Milk Tea
Don't you just love trying the different sinkers with your milk tea? I always get my favorite QQ which is a mix of nata and pearls. However, for chocolate lovers, you might want to have your milk tea with Chocolate Pudding. It's sweet and yummy, it's every chocolate-lovers' dream!

serenitea cookies n cream milk tea
Cookies and Cream Milk Tea
I love anything with cookies and cream! Ice cream, chocolate bar and yes..on my milk tea! This got real crushed chocolate cookie crumbs mixed into a dollop of cream on top of your milk tea! It's like having a pack of Oreo with your milk tea!

It's amazing to see how Serenitea has grown through these years. Imagine, it all began in a tiny shop along J. Abad Santos and today, they now have more than 20 branches and their first one in Cebu opening soon!

Check out the list of Serenitea branches here

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