nominated in the Singapore Blog Awards 2013!!!


best food blog
That was my first reaction upon receiving an email notification that this blog, yes, has been nominated as part of the Best Food Blog category for this year's Singapore Blog Awards.

Having been here for just 3 months, it truly is an honor to be part of the nominee list. Thank you Doc Gelo for the nomination! *hugs*

I honestly feel though that Singapore, despite being a small country, is brimming with so much talented people. There are a lot of really good bloggers here and I'm not really sure if I stand a chance in winning against them. Nonetheless, it does feel good to see my blog profile up there! :)

Well, the prize does looks very interesting too (except that the thought of getting up close with the crocs frightens me)! Trip to Australia? YES please!

So there you go, dear readers. Let us all cross our fingers and toes for good luck!


  1. congratulations, frannie!!! :-* Sure winner na yan!!! <3 So proud of you!!!

  2. Congrats Franny for nomination, hope you bring home the bacon! Miss you guys here!

  3. Abet can I get in on that Bacon Too?

    Sorry.. na-distract ako..hehe..

    I havent seen any of your competition yet, but your blog will stand on its own merits.. and it's awesome :)

    Congrats Franny!!

  4. thank you so much Jane, Abet and Richie!!

    Richie: don't worry willing to share the bacon with ya!! ;)

  5. Congrats Fran! You deserve it!


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