bobble: Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

If there's one health advice that I take to heart, it's the one that tells us to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I love drinking water, especially on such warm days, if only I can carry a 1.5L bottle around, I would. I'm glad though that water here in Singapore is very potable as some would even drink straight from the faucet.

Well, growing up in a country where we're used to boiled, filtered or distilled water, it might take a while for me and my body to work up the courage to drink from the tap. Especially when the thought of having recurring amoebiasis continues to haunt me every now and then.

Healthy Body, Happy Life

Eversince the BIG move, Paul and I have been consciously staying away from sodas. As inviting as a cold can of soda may look after walking outdoors all afternoon, we would resort to grabbing a cold glass of ice water instead. It has zero calories and no sugar yet it cools us just perfectly fine the same way a soda would. A win-win choice in my books.

Like what I've mentioned, lugging around a 1.5L bottle is quite challenging given that we walk and commute everyday. Thus, we have been searching for handy, easy-to-carry water bottles for the office.

bobble 1
It was indeed a blessing when a package arrived one day with this sexy looking water bottle inside. Guess, someone heard our thoughts and decided to grant us our wish. Thank you! This water bottle, in fact, has a name. It's called bobble and it's an eco-friendly water bottle that was designed by industrial artist Karim Rashid. Notice how well-curved the bottle is? This helps make it easier to grip and to storage in your bag pocket.

bobble 2
What makes bobble unique is the inclusion of these replaceable and recyclable carbon filter that purifies your water and removes all unwanted chlorine and organic contaminants. I see it like having your very own mini filtration system in a bottle. To ensure that your carbon filter works perfectly, be sure to replace this after 300 use that's about 10 months if you use it every single day.

The bobble is available in six yummy colors : green, red, blue, yellow (as seen above), magenta and black. It comes in only one size which is 550ml (Php. 595) and you may also purchase additional filters (Php. 345) too.

Washing your bobble is very easy too! Simple clean and soap the bottle and rinse the filter under running water. While the bobble is BPA free, it's not dishwasher friendly and the best way to clean this is through hand-washing. Here's a more detailed guide on how to keep your bobble squeaky-clean!

bobble is available in active lifestyle retail shops and establishments like Aura Athletica, Plana Forma, Planet Sports, Urban Ashram. Click here for the complete listing of shops where you can get your own bobble water bottle.

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