A Yummy Sunday Morning in The Line at Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore

I'm a big fan of breakfast. If given a chance, I'd love to have breakfast food all day long! Thus, I'm always excited to check out the breakfast buffets and offerings whenever we're on a vacation/staycation.

This recent staycation, was no different. As much as our comfy bed made it feel so good to just sleep up until noon, we resistated the temptation just to be able to check The Line out. This is Shangri-la Hotel's in-house all-day dining restaurant. It's the counterpart of our local Circles or Heat from Makati Shangri-la and EDSA Shangri-la Hotels respectively. Since it's Shangri-la, we expected just the best spread.

We got to the restaurant at 9AM and it was already bustling with families, couples and big groups of guests having their breakfast. Luckily, getting a table for two is normally easy. Even before we settled into our table, we were told to check the buffet area out and to begin helping ourselves with the wide variety of dishes available. I believe there were a total of 11 stations for breakfast that day -- Congee/Noodles, Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, Japanese, Egg/Potatoes/Meats, Bread/Pastries, Pancakes/Waffles/Ice Cream, Fruits, Drinks and Cheese/Cold Cuts/Cereals.

the line shangri-la singapore 1
I began my morning feast by visiting the Bread station. This is just one-third of the entire bread station set-up! They had about 4 different croissants, 3 kinds of danishes, 6 muffins and countless breads! Oh, the smell was just so irrestible! I'm sure my sister Pan will go wild over the croissants available.

the line shangri-la singapore 2
For those who want to start their day right such as having bowl of cereals, then they have 8 different kinds that you can indulge on. I skipped this one though as I was more interested in the cold cuts and cheeses that were displayed beside it.

They also had a number of dimsum specialties at the Chinese station, some homemade prata and curry at the Indian station and bowls of cold soba and edamame at the Japanese station. I loved the dimsum which were so delicious and went well with the stir-fry noodles that I got.

the line shangri-la singapore 5
Of course, what's breakfast without eggs, potatoes and bacon? I had to take a photo of these two kinds of bacon for my friends Spanky and Richie to see. After all, they are the biggest bacon fans that I know! I tried both soft and streaky bacons and perfered the streaky kind as I like my bacon with a crunchy bite.

I love how varied the choices were and the selections were really delicious. I enjoyed my Nasi Lemak rice paired with some Roast Duck and a few pieces of sausages too. Paul also tried the congee with his favorite you tiao (doughnut fritters) which he said tasted just like the ones we would have in Hong Kong a.k.a. the real thing.

the line shangri-la singapore 4
What makes this buffet unique is its drink station. In true Singapore fashion, they had the traditional Teh Tarik available. We opted to just get a cup of hot chocolate each though as we wanted something more familiar to our tummies. What I didn't pass up on though was to try the Strawberry Sorbet. I miss the strawberry sorbet that I would have back home and I was so happy to know that The Line's version was pretty good too! I had this with some fresh strawberries. Yum!

Having breakfast at The Line truly made our morning extra bright and happy. This definitely is one of the best staycations that we've had as every minute spent at Shangri-la Hotel was simply perfect. I heard the The Line also has an amazing lunch and dinner buffet spread. Has anyone tried it already?

The Line is located at the Lower Lobby (fronting the pool), Tower Wing, Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore. For reservations, please call 6213-4275

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