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April is National Stress Awareness Month and while I know this is not widely practiced in this part of the world, I am making a conscious effort to do away with all things that will cause stress to myself and to achieve a more zen-like mode at all times. *ohhhmmmm* 

Of course, our environment plays a big factor in our daily outlook in life. I always like keeping things tidy and clean as I really can't stand the sight of a messy or dusty room. I am also very sensitive to smell thus I always make sure that I have room and linen sprays on hand.

In celebration of National Stress Awareness Month, let me talk about our new home. Having moved in just a few months ago, Paul and I are still taking baby steps in making our room feel more homey week after week. They say, first impressions last and luckily, we both had very good impressions of our new home from the photos sent to us up until the day we finally walked in and saw our new place ourselves. We love how we get sufficient amount of sunlight during the day and yet our big windows keep our room cool and windy all the time too. We live in a quiet private community where there's a lot of tress and greens even more than perhaps my entire street back in Manila. Animals are free to roam around and my favorite weekend activity is to laze around the pool while I do some people-watching.

kalikasan 2
Having been married for three years, I'm quite ashamed to admit that I'm still no Martha Stewart. I'm still learning the ropes of being more domesticated and of getting used to doing household chores. Baby steps, I always tell myself. At the very least, I do know how to clean and I believe that that's very important. It's perfect that my friend M of Kalikhasan Eco-Friendly Solutions sent me a bag full of their products. It has a wide array of linen sprays, cologne, massage oils and more! I was rejoicing as I began sniffing each and every bottle like an bomb-sniffing doggie.

Let me go through each and every bottle that I have:
1) Room & Linen Sprays:
- Alitaptap : A mixture of peppermint and lavender, I noticed that the minty scent was very prominent here. It actuallly reminds me that of an aromatheraphy oil.

- Paruparo : I loved the light, citrusy scent of the Paruparo (butterfly in Tagalog). Made with lavender, orange and lemon, the scent was not too strong making it perfect for those who doesn't want to be overwhelmed when sprayed in their room.

- Kuliglig : This is what I brought me with me as I instantly fell in love with the strong citronella scent. I love anything with citronella as not only does it keeps my room smell good, it shooes all deadly mosquitoes away too! I'm currently using this and would spray this every other day. Luckily, even Paul liked the smell too.

2) Cologne Spray
- Madaling Araw : If you like floral smelling colognes then this if for you. It reminds me of this childhood perfume called Angel's Breathe that used to be so popular in Manila back then.

- Gandang Umaga : Now, if you want something stronger, then you might like the Gandang Umaga. Personally, it's not something that I fancy as I am not a fan of strong grapefruit and ginger scents.

kalikasan 1
3) Massage Oil
- Ulap : This smells really GOOD! It's a mix of orange, lemon and lavender. It smells somewhat like the massage oil that I always choose for my aromatheraphy treatment. This scent will surely calm you down and keep you relax all day and night long.

4) Organic Insect Repellant
- Alisap : Once again, another citronella-based formula. Best to keep a bottle of this in your bag should you find the need to protect your skin from insect bites outside. This has been BFAD certified so you're assured that this has been tested and proven over time.

5) Hand Sanitizer
- Ulan (Rain) : Just as a hand sanitizer should be, light with a subtle citrus note. I like that it doesn't leave your hands sticky and it surely was a good sanitizer most especially on moments that hand-washing water is not readily available and you're ready to dive into that bowl of chips or popcorn.

6) Kitchen & Bathroom Odor Eliminator
- Danaw : It has a strong detergent smell and take it from me, don't sniff on this for a long period of time.

The best thing about all of Kalikhasan Eco-Friendly Solution's products is that it's non-toxic. All of the products make use of organic and natural ingredients making it bio-degradable, non-pollutant and believe it or not, it can double as a composter too!

Now, here's the good news. In celebration of the National Stress Awareness Month, I'd also like to pass on the blessings of being able to maintain a clean, good smelling and insect free homes to all of you! Thus, Frannywanny.com and Kalikhasan Eco-Friendly Solution will be giving away the following:

(2) winners for the Mothers Know Best Package 
inclusive of bottles of Danaw Kitchen & Bathroom Odor Eliminator, Batis Liquid Laundry Detergent, Agos Fabric Conditioner, Sapa Handwashin Liquid, Lawa Dishwashing Liquid and Dagat All Purpose Cleaner. 

(2) winners for the Better Safe than Sorry Package
inclusive of bottles of Alisap Organic Insect Repellant, Danaw Kitchen & Bathroom Odor Eliminator and Ulan Hand Sanitzer

(2) winners for the Itch Away Package
inclusive of a bottle of Alisap Organic Insect Repellant, 1 piece of Terracotta Coil Holder and a pack of Clearzone 10 non-toxic double coils (20 pieces)

you deserve it
(2) winners of You Deserve It! Package
inclusive of a 30ml bottle Essential Oil, 1 Oil Burner and 100 ml bottle of the Ulap Uplifting Massage Oil

(2) winners of Who's Vain Package
inclusive of 100 ml bottles of Madaling Araw Cologne Spray, my favorite Alitaptap Room & Linen Spray, Ulap Massage Oil and Dalisay Soap

Now, how to join?
Not wanting to cause any stress for joining, I'll keep it easy this time.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are some reminders:
1) This contest will run for ONE WEEK from April 11, 2013 (Thursday) to April 18, 2012 (Thursday) only.
 2) A total of TEN (10) winners will be chosen via an electronic raffle program.
3) I will be contacting the winner via email for his/her mailing address.
4) Winner will be given 30-days to respond. In the event that the winner fails to reply, we will be drawing another name.
5) The prize will be sent to the winner via delivery c/o Kalikhasan Eco-Friendly Solutions.
6) This contest is open to ALL readers residing in the Philippines only.
7) One valid entry per person/email address please.


...and the WINNERS are...

Rafflecopter has spoken!! Here are the lucky readers who will be receiving their very own gift pack from Kalikhasan Eco-Friendly Solution!

1) Who's Vain 
- Jenjen 
- Henley Tabal 

2) Mother's Know Best 
- Maria Ana Katrina Paz 
- Erica Baylosis 

3) Better Safe than Sorry 
- Carolyn Ong 
- Leah Mendoza 

4) Itch Away 
- Didi Tiu 
- Therese Decena 

5) You Deserve It 
- Natasha Paula Dulay 
- Wheng Nalzaro

CONGRATULATIONS winners! I will be emailing you for your contact details very soon. 

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