Laduree Paris in Takashimaya Shopping Center, Singapore

Yesterday felt like Christmas morning. 

laduree singapore 9
You know, just when you wake up with excitement in your heart knowing that something good will happen that day and you patiently wait for the day or the hours to roll by until the right time comes. As soon as it does, you hold on to it so dearly as you wish that the feeling and happiness it gives you can just go on forever. 

Yesterday, Paul and I went to visit the first ever Southeast Asian store of the famous Laduree from Paris. I've been hearing about this from friends who has been to Japan and Hong Kong and would talk non-stop about this mouth-watering macaron shop. During my recent trip to Hong Kong though, I had this in my list but was unsuccesful in finding it. As I flew back home, I told myself that the right time will come when I will finally be able to visit Laduree. Well, I never thought that time would come so soon. Imagine how happy I was when I read a news article announcing that Laduree is opening in Singapore soon. I made a mental countdown and when it officially opened its doors last Monday, I was determined to visit this and brave the lines the very next day. 

So here we were right outside Laduree as we had to line up and wait for our turn to enter the store. Luckily, the wait wasn't that long thanks to the ever efficient service of the Laduree staff. We waited for about 15 minutes which went by quite fast as Paul and I were busy admiring the beautiful and Paris-chic exteriors of the store. 

laduree singapore 10
Notice the cloud design on the ceiling? Well it really does feel like you have entered heaven... macaron heaven as you make your way inside the store. While waiting, we were given a tiny leaflet with all the flavors available. That made it easier for us to make our choice. 

laduree singapore 6
We decided to go for the 8-piece box (S$30.40) and had the following flavors: Cafe (Coffee), Chocolat (Chocolate), Citron (Lemon), Caramel Fleur de Sel (Salted Caramel), Pistacho (Pistachio), Chocolate Ganache (Dark Chocolate), Framboise (Raspberry) and the *ahem* L' Incroyable Guimauve Fraise Bonbon (Stawberry Candy Marshmallow).

laduree singapore 5
My French macarons were placed in dainty-looking rectangular box and further packaged inside a pretty green paper bag. I love how they give so much importance to every single detail from the packaging down to the merchandises inside the store. 

laduree singapore 11
I loved peering into these glass cases as everything really looked so pretty and delicious. While I just got 8 flavors during my first visit, I'm determined to try all 16 flavors someday.

laduree singapore 12
Check this out! They also got this special Chocolate Macarons covered with Gold Flakes! These are really premium macarons, dear readers. Definitely not the kind that you can just pop into your mouth and let it disappear within 5 seconds. 

Finally, it was the moment we've both been waiting for. As soon as dinner was over and the plates have been cleared, washed and left to dry -- Paul and I headed back to the dining table for the ceremonial opening of the Laduree box. I carefully peeled open the sticker, so slowly that the last thing I want to happen is to drop the box and to have macaron crumbs even before I can get to admire them. 

As soon as we saw the colorful macarons, I felt my heart skip a beat. It was so beautiful. I can't believe I'm gushing over food! Oh well.. nothing too surprising for Frannywanny don't you agree? ;) 

laduree singapore 8
I tried the Salted Caramel first as this has been my favorite macaron flavor eversince. Look how the rich and creamy filling slowly oozed out as I took my first bite. It was really delicious and I noticed that the macaron cookie wasn't too dry nor was it too crumbly. I took three more bites and the cookie stayed there in between my two fingers. I tell you, the best way to enjoy these macarons is to slowly savor them while having some tea. It's the type that I would have while people-watching in the park. Take a bite and let the flavor fill your mouth. Close your eyes if you want to.

laduree singapore 4
The next flavor that I tried was the Chocolate Ganache. This was Paul's choice and he loved it! Look how it's filled with deep dark chocolate filling. This is perfect for all chocolate lovers out there. 

I also liked the Pistachio but somehow felt that the flavor was pretty ordinary compared to the first two flavors that we've tried. Whereas the Strawberry Candy Marshmallow was a good surprise. I chose this simply because the name sounded really special. We both think that this one will click with the kids as it tasted like a strawberry flavored smores. It's good despite being a tad sweeter compared to the other flavors. 

laduree singapore 3
Sweet Success!!!
Well, that was the first four flavors that I've tried and the rest are peacefully sitting at the bottom layer of our refrigerator to be consumed the next day. I'm so happy that Laduree is finally here in Singapore and hopefully soon it'll make its way towards Manila too. 

laduree singapore 2
While doing our macaron-shopping, we noticed this man being interviewed inside the store. Anyone knows who he is? He both had a feeling though that he could be the Laduree god from Paris! :) 

Laduree has two shops in Takashimaya Shopping Centre. The first one is a counter at the ground floor of the mall beside the Louis Vuitton store while a complete and prettier shop is located at the 2nd floor. As with anything good and delicious here in Singapore, expect long lines in both Laduree stores for the next few weeks or months. I recommend that you go early or take a friend with you to make waiting more bearable.

Visit the Laduree Boutique at 391 Orchard Road #02-09 Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City. The Laduree Counter is located at store #01-24A of the same mall. 

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