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Last weekend was probably one of the most relaxing that I've had here in Singapore so far. After all, it was my first time to experience a 4-day weekend thanks to the back-to-back Hari Raya Festival and the National Day celebration. Instead of joining the shopping crowd outside, Paul and I opted to just spend most of our time at home, catching up on our movie list and doing our household chores. Finally, I was also able to catch up on sleep -- one that I've been wanting to do for almost a month now.

During one of those days, we woke up at exactly noon and realized one thing: we haven't prepared anything for lunch. *gasp* With all of our meats and seafood still in the freezer and our canned goods inventory running low, we decided to just call for delivery. It was perfect timing also that I got a S$50 voucher from Food Panda Singapore. This is an international food delivery system that caters to more than 25 countries worldwide. Here, you get to order from a number of restaurants and have your favourite dishes delivered right at your doorstep. Singapore is pretty much advanced digital-wise so I did the whole ordering process online.  

As I got to the Food Panda website, I was first asked to log in my zipcode. You see, here in Singapore, people can immediately determine your exact address by just referring to your zipcode. How cool is that? After doing so, I got a list of restaurants that can deliver to my location. We were starving so I quickly filtered the list down to those that could have our food ready in an hour and a half tops. 

food panda sg
We chose Cafe Mexicana because they passed our time requirement, had a very minimal delivery fee of S$5 and had a number of good reviews too. The menu was pretty simple so it was easy for us to make our choice. Within minutes, I've finalized my order and hit the submit button. I just love how simple and clean the site looks. It even has a breakdown of my total bill at the right hand side of the screen. It's every OCD person's dream! 

Just to be sure that my order went through, I thought of opening a Live Chat with the Food Panda SG representative. So happy that he/she has immediately confirmed our order. Yay! 

cafe mexicana sg
Our food arrived an hour after I placed the order. That's 30 minutes earlier than promised. I was so happy to see our food neatly packed in tightly-sealed microwavable containers. No oily marks, no spills, no weird smell. I'm loving Cafe Mexicana and Food Panda Singapore more and more. As we prepared for lunch, I just carefully opened each container, got out our plates and utensils and within minutes, Paul and I were busy munching away. 

Here's what we got: 

cafe mexicana sg
Corn Chips with Trio of Dips (S$8.80)
I love the fried corn tortilla chips that came with spicy-tangy salsa, sour cream and guacamole. I wasn't able to try the salsa as Paul was holding on to the cup so tight that I don't recall seeing him ever letting go of it. I guess it was THAT good. While he was enjoying his salsa, I loved the sour cream which I ended up adding to my Enchilada whenever I felt like it was too spicy already. The cream helped tame my burning tongue. I was actually excited to try the guacamole but was disappointed as it looked quite artificial and as I tasted it, it was very bland. Sad. :( 

cafe mexicana sg
Lamb Enchiladas (S$15.80)
I was so excited to see that they have lamb in almost all main course item! Since we got the Beef Burrito, I went for the Lamb Enchilada just to have a good variety. It was pretty good albeit a bit too spicy due to the slices of jalapenos inside. However, you know what stole my heart? It was this side dish called frijoles which was mashed Mexican black beans. This wasn't my first time to try it but I tell you, this was the best that I've tasted so far. The beans had a perfect creamy texture and it was just so tasty that I ended up eating it all. Going back, the enchilada was very cheesy and I'm glad that it wasn't that oily too. It also came with a generous serving of Mexican rice which had a strong Indian flavor. Nothing bad about it but definitely not quite authentic as we were hoping it to be. Nonetheless, I liked it! 

cafe mexicana sg
Beef & Cheese Burrito (S$16.80)
For the price, I'd be honest in saying that I've had my doubts about this. I'm just not used to shelling out this much for that I thought was just a piece of burrito. "It'd better be a chubby piece of burrito", I thought to myself. Well, they've once again exceeded our expectations by sending two chubby pieces of burrito. I love how they've really filled it with flakes of beef and lots of grated cheese! I just wish that it didn't have any sauce inside as I ended up having a small sauce puddle as I neared the end of my burrito. Yikes! 

Service was really superb and I love how Food Panda has made home food ordering so easy! If only more restaurants would join this network then it would definitely make throwing a house party or having an intimate dinner at home so much easier. 

I can't wait to order from Food Panda Singapore again! 

Check out Food Panda Singapore at and do try Cafe Mexicana. Just one bite of the frijoles and you'll surely know what I'm talking about. 

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