Magnum Pleasure Store in Clarke Quay, Singapore

Ice cream has been around for decades..maybe even centuries. Growing up, this has been every kid's favorite dessert even before cakes and puddings came into our vocabulary. When Magnum was launched in Manila last year, I joined the millions of Filipinos who hoarded (yes, hoarded is the right word) packs of these yummy ice cream covered in premium chocolate coating in the grocery for my family to enjoy. Then, I was happy with the 3 basic flavors -- Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle.

When I came to Singapore, I literally went wild upon knowing there there were more Magnum flavors and varieties! From the original size, they also have a mini version which I love very much. They also have more flavors too. Mint, Gold, Double Caramel, Limoncello, Irish Cream, Hazelnut Bonbon, Pistacchio and the list goes on and on. Every trip to the grocery is made more exciting knowing that I'll be taking a new box of ice cream back home with me. Recently, Magnum has launched two new flavors which Paul and I were able to try. These are the Magnum Pink and the Magnum Black. Together with these flavor came something I never thought a retail ice cream would ever do. 

magnum pleasure sg 1
Welcome to the Magnum Pleasure Store

'80s kids will surely be familiar with ice cream parlors. Don't you just love the excitement that you'd get whenever Mom or Dad would announce that you're going out for some ice cream? Well, the Magnum Pleasure Store is the modern ice cream parlor that evokes style, elegance and truly the kind that not only families would go to but even adults like you and me would hang out in on a fun Saturday night out. 

*starts playing the song "I love the night life!"* 

magnum pleasure sg 8
So there we were one Saturday night with Paul and O. This was our version of "clubbing". We headed to Singapore's party central -- Clarke Quay and at the center you'll find this hip and happening make-shift store filled with people sitting around, lining up, eating ice cream.  

You can either choose from the menu or to create your own Magnum (S$7). We definitely went for the second option as I was excited to create my very own Frannywanny Magnum

magnum pleasure sg 2
First, I chose my coating: Milk, White or Dark? I played safe and went with Milk as I'm sharing it with Paul. Normally, I'd go for White.  

magnum pleasure sg 3
Next, I chose (3) toppings -- I went for gold flakes, almond flakes and pistachio chips. Yum yum yum! 

magnum pleasure sg 4
Moving to the next station, I get to choose my drizzle. Again, I went for Milk Chocolate. Wish they have caramel drizzle too! 

magnum pleasure sg 5
Tadah! The Frannywanny Magnum is ready! 

magnum pleasure sg 9
I find our creations really pretty. Mine's at the foreground while O's very romantic Magnum had heart candy, rose petals and almond flakes can be seen at the back. Love must be in the air for O, I guess. ;) 

magnum pleasure sg 7
The Magnum Pleasure Store will be at Clarke Quay until tomorrow, 25 August 2013. I wonder where will head to next. Check it out while you can! 

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