Magnum Ice Cream : Make it Pink or Make it Black

Growing up in a tropical country, I've grown to seek comfort in a bowl of frozen treats. From gelato to yogurt, even to ice creams of all shapes and sizes -- scoops in a cone, a scoop in a bowl, served a la mode, ice cream with mix-ins, you name it, I've tried it! There must be hundreds of different combinations and ice cream creations in the local Philippine market. Thus, you can just imagine the excitement that rocked the entire nation when Selecta introduced their newest line of premium ice cream called Magnum. This kind of ice cream is not new. I grew up loving vanilla ice cream on a stick encased within a hard chocolate shell and for some, even sprinkled with nuts or local rice crispies we call pinipig. It was just about the same time last year when I had my first taste of Magnum's Almond Ice Cream and boy, I was hooked! For Php. 50 a stick, I got to admit it's way beyond my regular budget for ice cream but I didn't mind. I would buy 6-8 sticks every time I'd visit the grocery as even Papa loves it!

magnum mini sg
Imagine my excitement when I first moved to the Lion City. I found out that they have more Magnum flavors here and I was determined to try them all! They even have Magnum Mini which comes in a box of 6 making it perfect for sharing. 

Almost a month ago, Magnum Singapore launched two new flavors which they call the Magnum Pink and the Magnum Black. It began with a contest over Twitter inviting followers to post their #selfie photos wearing pink or black. I did both with my new top from Forever21! :) Sadly, I wasn't chosen to be part of their exclusive launch party. *sigh*

magnum 1
To cheer myself up, I dropped by our neighborhood supermarket on my way home and bought the new Magnum products for Paul and I to try. The Magnum Pink is called Marc de Champagne and it had a slight alcoholic kick on perhaps your third bite. Don't worry as eating this won't get you drunk. Instead, you'll just get the slightly bitter and sweet flavor you'd get in a glass of bubbly. Paul had this thinking that it would be strawberry flavored. Sadly, he wasn't so happy with this and convinced me to swap my Magnum stick with him. 

magnum 2
As for the Magnum Black, it's Espresso flavored. Strong coffee flavor will greet your taste buds as you bite into the hard dark brown shell. How I wish though that instead of having vanilla ice cream inside, they should have filled it with coffee flavored ice cream too. This one was pretty good and I will definitely buy more of this next time. 

The new Magnum Black and Pink is now available in all local groceries and convenience stores all over Singapore. It retails at S$3.90 a stick and S$10.90 for a box of 3.

To bring your Magnum experience to greater heights, there's now a Magnum Pleasure Store in Clarke Quay till the 26th of August. I can't wait to visit this soon! 

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