Yellow Cab: A Letter for a certain Mrs. Hudson by Pannywanny

A few months ago, my sister, Pannywanny, received her first ever food item for review from Yellow Cab Pizza! To say that she was tickled pink would be an understatement. Over Skype..or was it iMessage, she showed me the box of pizza and narrated what she thought about it. I was dying with envy! If only she could teleport a box to me, that would have made my day. You see, I am in dire need of good quality pizza over here and nothing can beat my two loves namely: Yellow Cab and S. Sorry but I'm not a one-pizza-woman.

Pannywanny was so happy that she had to express her feelings through a letter. How sweet!

Here it is:

Dear Mrs. Hudson,

yellow cab pizza 2
Hope this finds you well. Recently, I have been introduced to one of your creations and I must say; prosciutto on pizza is a brilliant idea! From the moment I heard of this, I didn’t have my doubts since I have always loved prosciutto and to have this with my ultimate comfort food -- pizza, is like having Christmas all year around.

I love how “light and tasty” it comes out. The caramelized onions, herbed Boursin cheese and tarragon also compliments well with the prosciutto. It is the perfect combination for those who likes it “sweet & salty”.

Someday, maybe we can meet up with Darla, for the ultimate Mrs. Hudson-meets-Darla Pizza, as I can imagine a thin crust version of this rolled with alfalfa sprouts as a yummy masterpiece!

Hope to visit your kitchen soon to taste your Mrs. Hudson’s Pizza straight out of the oven!

XOXO, Pannywanny

yellow cab pizza 3
Mrs. Hudson's Pizza is available for a limited time only. It comes in 3 sizes: 10" Regular (Php. 390),  14" Large (Php. 625) and 18" New Yorker (Php. 845). For a hearty meal, order this with some Spaghetti and Meatballs too which is exactly how Pannywanny had her Mrs. Hudson's Pizza with.

If that's too much carbs for you, then follow my route as I'd have some Hot Wings to go with this instead.

Call Yellow Cab Pizza at 789-999.

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