Chef's Noodle lands in Singapore

Over the past few weeks, my social media walls have been filled with photos of beautiful Korea where most of my friends and even some of my relatives went to for a nice vacation. These made me remember how much fun Paul and I had went we went to Seoul for a 5 day long trip two years ago. Almost everyday, we would have our favorite kimbap, Korean fried chicken and of course, beef bulgogi. Korean food is one cuisine that I don't think I'll ever get tired of having. I love it just as much as I love Chinese and Japanese food too.

Since there's a small chance that we will go back to Seoul this year, we decided to just treat ourselves to a Korean dinner at the newly opened Chef's Noodle at Harbourfront Centre one evening. I've heard of Chef's Noodle back in Manila as they have a branch along Annapolis Street in Greenhills and they have expanded since then even tapping a couple of celebrities as endorsers. It's actually rare to have a restaurant open first in Manila before Singapore as it has always been the other way around most of the time.

chef's noodle sg 2
Chef's Noodle is a South Korean brand with its menu specially created by celebrity Chef Choi. As the name suggests it, the restaurant specializes in noodles but since Paul and I wanted to have rice that evening we went for the Daehan Deopbap (S$14.90). This is somewhat like a Dolsot Bibimbap only it's served in a wooden tub and the rice is topped with a generous serving of Bulgogi Beef, silver sprouts, kimchi, marinated chives, Chef's Noodle's signature egg roll, seafood wanja (meat patty) and deep-fried Gochu. Similar to the Dolsot Bibimbap, you mix everything together and add some chili paste depending on your taste. It was pretty good although I do miss the addition of sunny side up egg to make it even richer and creamier. Maybe I'll try to ask if the chef can add this in for me next time.

chef's noodle sg 1
We wanted to try more! Choosing between the Sparkling Fire Sushi, all the deep-fried starters or the wraps, we went for the latter. Trying the Bulgogi Ssam (S$6.90), I was quite surprised at how tender and sweet the beef was. You can actually just add more into the rice but we wanted to take the traditional route of wrapping it inside a fresh piece of lettuce and adding our all-time favorite -- the Ssamjang. I have to admit, the serving was quite small but it was a good thing that both Paul and I were not that hungry so we're okay with our two orders.

Service was still quite spotty but forgivable given that we went on their 3rd day of operation. Nonetheless, I was quite pleased with our food and would love to go back to try more. Sadly though, our friend I was not very satisfied with her Curry Deopbap ($S12.90) which had very little beef inside. I'll make a mental note to skip this in my future visits.

Chef's Noodle is located at Harbourfront Centre, 01-99/100, 1 Maritime Square, Singapore. Call them at 6271-3033. 

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