Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hot Cross Buns from Cedele Bakery Cafe

I'm back from my short Lenten hiatus and it surely was a good 3-day well spent organizing, getting artsy and creative as well as enjoying my life offline. How about you? I'm pretty sure a number of you are on your way back from an amazing vacation! Tell me about it below, okay?

Anyway, do you remember the old nursery rhyme that goes like this:

Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! One a penny, Two a penny, Hot cross buns!

cedele hot cross buns 2
In some countries, it's a tradition to have a Hot Cross Bun during Good Friday. Well, it was my first time to see a real Hot Cross Bun up close and the moment I saw it, I got every single flavor there is in Cedele Bakery Cafe. We then had this at home for breakfast last Good Friday and it was fun doing a little taste-testing on which flavor is the best.

cedele hot cross buns 1
Here are the four flavors that I got:

Classic Hot Cross Bun (S$1.60)
Soft slightly spiced bun filled with raisins, cranberries and orange peel. I like the citrus notes that I get in every bite. The best way to enjoy this is to toast it till it's slightly crunchy outside and really soft and warm inside.

Chocolate Hot Cross Bun (S$1.90)
Chocoholics will rejoice with this flavor. Each bite will give you a rich chocolate flavor with chunky walnuts mixed into the soft bun. O and Paul loved this flavor the most.

Cheese Onion Mustard Hot Cross Bun (S$1.90)
Now this was MY favorite! I really hope Cedele will offer this year round as I really fell in love with this savory flavored Hot Cross Bun. The bread texture is different from the regular Hot Cross Buns, this one was closely similar to a scone where it's chunkier and a bit crunchier too. It was so good as you can really taste the sweet onion flavor combined with a salty kick of cheese and a bit tangy after note from the mustard. It's amazing how can one bread bring such a good variety of flavors.

Apple Cinnamon Hot Cross Bun (S$.190)
Pillowy soft Brioche Bread filled with sweet apple cinnamon filling. It tasted very much like McDonald's Apple Pie's filling only I find it to be too thinly spread. I can taste more bread than the apple filling. Not bad but not something I'll get again.

It's always a joy to try something new and this was indeed a GOOD Friday experience for me.

Have a Happy Easter everyone! :)

Cedele Bakery Depot has a number of outlets all over Singapore and 2 branches in Hong Kong. Click here to see the full listing. 


  1. what's the white cross in the middle?

  2. Hi Richard, It's basically just flour and water.


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