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For most of you in Manila, I'm pretty sure that you're really excited for the day to end as it will officially mark the start of your four-day weekend! Awww you lucky lucky people! I have an extra work day to go and I'm off for that much-awaited 3 day break that I've been looking forward to since February!

Who agrees with me that while traveling is really fun, packing your bags and luggage can sometimes be a chore. Despite my OCD tendencies, I really do not like packing before a trip as it means making sure that I bring the right clothes in the right quantity and to make it all fit things inside my luggage without packing in too much weight too. Paul is an pro in packing light so it really has been his frustration that his wife (a.k.a. me) always has the tendency to bring the entire closet if not the house with her. I really couldn't help it! The worst thing is to get to your destination and you realize you left something at home. I'm learning though...let's take it one baby step at a time.

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I think choosing the right bag or luggage is key to being able to maximize the space and weight of your baggage. The first step is to check the weight. Imagine the horror of using a really heavy luggage or bag which will probably cover one-third of the allowable weight. That could really be such a hassle, agree? Let me tell you about our all-time brand of choice when it comes to our travel bags -- Crumpler! I guess you've noticed that I've been blogging about Crumpler multiple times in the past (here and here).

Well, Crumpler bags are guaranteed to be very light and easy to store away anytime. Here are some of their newest products in the market:

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The Squid (Php. 1,450)
This is the first time I've came across a stow-away lightweight backpack that turns into this pouch when not in use. It can hold up to 20L worth of contents and is made of waterproof material too. While it's lightweight, The Squid was made to withstand the daily weight it is expected to carry with its heavy duty cloth with lining and woven polypropylene cord. Definitely a toughie here!

crumpler 01
The Silly Season (Php. 1,950)
If you're the tote bag kind of gal like me, then you'll like the Silly Season more. Similar to the Squid, it has a stow-away function that turns into a small handy pouch which you can keep inside your bag. As you open, you get an internal zippered pocket for you to keep your small valuable, a key noose and the entire bag closes with the drawstring. The best part is, it only weighs 230g allowing you to pack in a many things as you can!

crumpler 02
The Peak Season (Php. 2,950)
This was our bag of choice simply because of its size. Since Paul and I just love going on staycations, this bag has been very useful for us to pack in our clothes, toiletries and gadgets without the need of a small luggage or two bulky bags.

crumpler philippines 2
We brought this with us when we stayed the night at Crowne Plaza Manila and Paul loved the fact that for once, he wasn't carrying a heavy bag. It has the same drawstring function as the Silly Season and an internal zippered pocket too. We loved the bright and fun colors!

After our staycation, we wanted to neatly keep this bag away and it folds into a small bag pouch with a zipper for better safekeeping. I can see the Peak Season can be a good gym bag too! This is perfect for those who has to carry a lot of items when they workout. In time for summer, this makes a great beach bag too! We have been taking The Peak Season with us whenever we have been going on quick weekend staycations since the start of the year. It has been our favorite overnight companion as we just love how lightweight it is and all our necessities perfectly fits inside.

For those who are heading out this summer, be sure to travel in style with any of these Crumpler bags! Watch out for my next post on my recent Crumpler purchase soon!

Click here to see the full Crumpler store listing in the Philippines. 

p.s. Here in Singapore, Crumpler is located at Vivo City, Wheelock Place, Paragon, Raffles City and the Ion.

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