Group Therapy in Duxton Road, Singapore

I always believe in one thing: "No Man is an Island."

This quote is pretty much self-explanatory. It tells us that in life, we need people to be there for us. Being an extrovert, I know for a fact that I won't survive without Paul, my parents and sister, my in-laws, my extended family and my friends as well. You don't need an entire community to be there for you but to have that small and big circles of trust is enough to make life worth living.

group therapy 3
For one thing, a fun lunch is impossible to have without friends there to share it with. Which is why I'm mighty thankful for my favorite lunch crew namely G, D and K (whom I miss so much). I love how they're always so game to go out and try a new restaurant or cafe with me. So recently, when our friend C was back in Singapore from China, a nice get-together lunch was in order. Her only request was to look for a place with free Wi-Fi. That was easy! I went through my Entertainer app and found Group Therapy, a nice cafe located just a few minutes away from our office. Perfect!

group therapy 1
Spotting it was a bit of a challenge though as there was barely any sign visible from the street. My tip is to walk along the right corridor of Duxton Road and keep your eyes out for this particular signage. The cafe is located at the second floor so you'll have to make your way up the staircase.

group therapy 2
I just love love love hipster cafes! The quirky, mismatched decors, the cozy feeling, the constant hum of the coffee machine and to chill out vibe of people enjoying not only their cup of coffee but their food too. To quote my cousin in law M, "this is definitely my cup of tea."

The menu was simple. Majority of it are breakfast/brunch items with a short list of homemade pies and sandwiches too. They also offer pasta and burgers too.

group therapy 6
I'm such a fan of breakfast food so definitely my choice was the Poached Eggs (S$16) on thick toast with smoked salmon, gruyere cheese and hollandaise sauce. In other words, this is a good serving of Salmon Eggs Ben. The serving was big! I love how thick and big the salmon slice was and an order comes with two eggs on two thick slices of toasts. I could definitely share this with Paul and perhaps get a side order to share too. It was delicious and I happily enjoyed my order.

group therapy 5
C tried the Maple and Butter Waffle (S$10) which we all stared with great envy. First of all, it smelled heavenly! Nothing beats the aroma of sweet maple sweet and butter. Ohhh... if only all mornings could be as perfect as this. Next, the waffle looked so mouthwatering too. C confirmed that it was very good making us all wish that we had waffles too. I'm definitely trying this next time.

group therapy 4
D and G got the Shepherd's Pie (S$16) and the Chicken & Mushroom Pie (S$15) respectively. Both plates look amazing and G generously shared his pile of potato chips with us.

Since I made use of my Entertainer App, we all paid half the price for our meals. Wasn't that totally amazing? I really am a new convert of the Entertainer App and I can't wait for the 2015 edition to come out.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend Group Therapy. This is a great place to hang out, enjoy a good meal and perhaps to catch up with work, study or to just have some me-time.

Group Therapy is located at 49 Duxton Road, Singapore. They also have another branch at Katong V. Call them at 6222-2554. Closest MRT is Tanjong Pagar.

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