Playing Favorites: Drury Lane in Tanjong Pagar Road

♫ Oh, do you know the muffin man, The muffin man, the muffin man, Do you know the muffin man, Who lives in Drury Lane? ♫

drury lane 3
I think I have just found my favorite lunch cafe here in the Lion City! It all began when I received a message from fellow blogger Jane telling me that her friend and also a fellow blogger Leng is coming to Singapore and will soon be relocating here after she ties the knot with her beloved Plaid Boy next year. Of course, I excitedly said yes as I just love meeting new friends here. So Leng and I exchanged quick hi's and hellos and we began planning for our lunch meet-up. Since I can't go really far from the office, I'm glad that my work area is brimming with so much food options making it easier (or shall I say harder) for us to choose our lunch date venue. Then I spotted Drury Lane which was just down the road from the Tanjong Pagar Plaza. I figured that it would a quick walk from the MRT too so it would be too much of a hassle for Leng. Coincidentally, Drury Lane is also where Leng's office is located in the UK.

So there we were two Fridays ago where I finally met Leng. I have to say that while Drury Lane has a very similar hipster vibe just like all the other new cafes opening in the city (there are more than 150, remember?), here's the place where you can go to when you want a bit of peace and quiet. It's not packed and you can head up to the second floor where you can catch up without having to strain your vocal chords or your ears too.

The menu was very simple. They serve all-day brunch classics, 3 types of sandwiches and 4 types of baked eggs. They also offer 3 different specials that changes on a daily basis. Perfect as I like uncomplicated menus. I zeroed in on the Smoked Salmon Pasta with Grilled Portobello and Spinach (S$16) while Leng went for another specials, the Smoked Portobello Grilled Cheese Melts with Avocado and an add-on of Steak (S$15).

drury lane 1
Service was fast and efficient. The drill is for you to place your order at the ground floor and head to your table with a number cup. Within minutes, our orders arrived and we were also given a huge bottle for our drinking water. I love how my pasta looked. I have to admit that I was surprised with the dainty size but I was distracted by the mouthwatering salmon and the humongous portobello mushroom. It smelled very garlicky too, just the way I like it. Over-all, I was really pleased with my pasta though I was hoping that the serving would be a bit more.  It was that good, you see so I really wanted more more more!

drury lane 2
Leng, on the other hand, felt that her sandwich was just a-ok. Go ahead and check out what she thinks about it here.

It was indeed a fun lunch and it's so funny that the more we got to know each other better, we also found out that we share a couple of common friends too! How cool is that?! I can't wait to meet up with Leng again.

drury lane 4
So, my first experience at Drury Lane was quite good that I wanted to go back right away. The following Friday, I invited my two good friends T and D to join me for lunch. Since I've been wanting to try the muffins, I made sure to order all four flavors this time. The rule for their muffins is that you can pay whatever amount you want. I feel that this will go to charity so please make sure to leave any amount ok? That day, they had -- Nutella, Banana Walnut, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin & Cheddar. Let me tell you more about them later.

drury lane 8
For lunch that day, I wasn't that hungry so I tried the Smoked Salmon and Mushroom Sandwich (S$8) which was once again a winner! I love the crisp bread that perfectly complemented the silky smoked salmon and the robust flavored mushroom. So yummy!! Next time though, I'll experiment it with additional avocado to see if it will turn out well.

drury lane 6
T got the Salmon Pasta which was very similar to my order the previous week but it had more spinach and no mushroom. Poor T, wish they went easy on the spinach as she's not a fan of veggies.

drury lane 7
I also tried the famous Banana Bread with Espresso Butter (S$2.50) which was recommended to me by a friend on social media. I can't believe I missed this on my first visit! This was an excellent creation as the warm banana bread was made even more delicious with the creamy espresso butter. It was soooo good and it will surely be my staple order from now on. (Oh Leng, I can't wait to take you back here for you to try this! :D)

drury lane 9
After our lunch, I happily brought back these muffins to the office and used our pretty floral plates for the "shoot". Call it perfect timing, my friend I walked in our pantry and quickly noticed the muffins. I shared the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip with her and she said that it was really good. Wowee! All the more I was so excited to try it myself. Another colleague S, came in the pantry and since it was his last day, I also shared the Pumpkin & Cheese muffin with him. Just like I, he raved at how yummy it was! Now I know what to try next time.

As for the other two, I tried the Banana Walnut and I wasn't sure if my expectations we just too high after hearing my colleagues raved about it or I ate it cold but it was a bit too dry for my liking. Paul's Nutella Muffin is still sitting prettily in our fridge so I'll see if it's better than what I got.

Another fun lunch at Drury Lane and I really do not mind going back there on a weekly basis. I guess they have the perfect formula: accessible location + reasonably priced menu + delicious food! On my next visit, I'll make sure to try the coffee, more muffins and yes, that to-die-for Banana Bread too!

Till next time, Drury Lane!

Drury Lane is located at 94 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore. They're open everyday except Tuesday from 9AM to 530PM (Monday-Thursday), 9AM to 10PM (Friday), 10AM to 6PM (Weekends). Call them at 6222-6698. 

How to get there: Nearest MRT station is Tanjong Pagar and go to Exit A. Walk towards Tanjong Pagar Road (2 blocks) and go past Craig Road. Keep your eyes out for the bright red door! 

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