Nando's Peri-Peri Chicken in KLCC, Malaysia

A month ago, Paul and I flew to Kuala Lumpur for a quick weekend getaway to celebrate his birthday with his cousins. Luckily, Kuala Lumpur (KL) is a fast 55 minute flight away from Singapore making it such an ideal place to go to when we just need a vacation but barely have any work leave credits to use up. We flew out after work on a Friday and was back on Sunday night.

Being a city girl, there are only two things that I love to do in Kuala Lumpur -- to shop and to eat. Of course, there's gawking at the beautiful Petronas Towers in the process too. I'm not really fond of hiking up any mountain, nor coming face to face with monkey or birds so as I was planning for our weekend trip, I've basically scrap all those out from the list. It worked out well for us though as we just wanted to have a relaxing weekend anyway.

nando's 1
So, on our last day in KL, cousin B requested if we can have lunch at Nando's. She loves the Chicken Liver very much and after hearing her raves about it, I was excited to try it out myself. We have Nando's Chicken here in the Lion City too but I heard from friends that the chicken quality in KL is much better compared to what we have here. We started our meal with the Peri-Peri Hummus with Pita Bread (RM8.50). I love how creamy the hummus was and it had a slight spicy kick which was probably due to the peri-peri sauce added in it. It was yummy and definitely made a great appetizer.

nando's 2
We also tried the Chicken Liver and Portuguese Roll (RM8.90) which is a very popular starter. Bite-sized chicken liver dipped into a special sauce that tasted like the Filipino Mang Tomas and served with toasted Portuguese Roll. I prefer the pita bread though from the hummus platter. The chicken liver was well-cooked and luckily wasn't powdery or grainy in texture. Yum!

nando's 3
The highlight of our meal was definitely the Peri-Peri Chicken. Of course, this is what has made Nando's so popular all over the world. We got the Jumbo Platter (RM115) which consists of 2 whole-sized chickens with our choice of 5 side dishes. My friends were right. The chicken in the KL branch was bigger in size and it was juicier and tastier than how I remembered it was in Singapore. Must have something to do with the type of chicken used.

We were so surprised by the size yet we happily chose our favorite pieces and barely made use of the bottles of sauces as it was so flavorful on its own. We tried the coleslaw which was mixed with Nando's homemade egg-free mayonnaise, potato wedges, grilled veggies and side salad too. My favorite was still the coleslaw which perfectly complemented the grilled chicken.

Nando's traces its roots back in South Africa and it has opened branches in more than 20 countries worldwide as it has been serving grilled peri-peri chicken since 1987. I wonder if they'll ever open in the Philippines? This is definitely a must-visit when in Kuala Lumpur.

Nando's is located at Lot C07, Concourse Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Call them at (03) 2166-6555.

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