Three Cups Coffee Co. in One Raffles Place

I'm totally loving the 3rd wave coffee trend!

Imagine, 5 years back, it was just the Green Siren and a few other big coffee shop chains dominating the coffee-drinking world. Today, we're seeing the rise of more coffee aficionados showing us that there's more to life than a cup of brewed coffee with sugar and cream. I'm glad though that the 3rd wave coffee is totally booming here in Singapore as well as in Manila so wherever I go, I have the privilege of trying out one coffee shop after the other.

three cups coffee 5
So, after my back-to-back gym classes last week which felt oh-so-gooood, I treated myself to a light but delicious coffee break at Three Cups Coffee Co. at the 4th level of One Raffles Place. I went on a Saturday and the entire mall, which caters mostly to the CBD office crowd, was so quiet and calm. The shops were empty and even Three Cups Coffee Co. was also having a slow slow slow day. A bit too slow though that I can't help but get turned off by the guy manning the counter who can't seem to stop playing on his mobile. He could barely answer my questions properly as he had his eyes on his phone most of the time. Seriously?!

three cups coffee 1
Thankfully, another guy who happened to be the barista was more knowledgeable and helped me made my choice on which coffee blend to go for. The choice was either a Tanzania Blackburn or the Project Y Blend. Basically, the Tanzania Blackburn has a more chocolate-y taste while the Project Y Blend is their in-house mix of various beans such as Brazilian and Sumatran blends. I wasn't in the mood to experiment so I got a Flat White (S$5) coffee with Tanzania Blackburn beans.

three cups coffee 4
After a few minutes, the same guy who recommended the coffee blend to me personally carried my handcrafted cup to my table. He then spent a good ten minutes explaining the origin, telling me to watching out for what flavor notes (less acidity, hint of chocolate, slightly bitter) and what pairs well with it. That was really nice of him and I think made the experience even better. Unfortunately though, I found the coffee too weak for my taste. Must be because I'm used to the classic stronger flavored blends so this one was a bit too mild for me.

three cups coffee 3
To go with my coffee, I tried the Scones with Strawberry Jam and Butter (S$4) which was really yummy! I love scones and I was so happy when my colleague and friend I made some for me when she got confirmed last year. I love the buttery, flaky texture and for some reason the combination of butter and strawberry jam was just so good. I happily finished this till the very last crumb.

three cups coffee 2
After ordering the scones, the counter staff (yes, the same guy playing on his mobile) recommended that I try the Hazelnut Banana Chocolate Slice (S$3.80) which was homemade. I went for it thinking that Paul will surely love this ...and I was right! He had this for breakfast the next day and literally inhaled the whole thing in 2 minutes tops. He loved the crunchy top and the moist bread. I'm making a mental note to buy him more of this next time. As they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and I'm obviously a pro in this department. ;)

It was a nice to spend some me-time once in a while where I slowly enjoyed my cup of coffee and munched on my buttery scone while people watching too.

Check out Three Cups Coffee Co. at #04-31, One Raffles Place, Singapore. 
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place

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